Marketing FAIL


Weather is all relative.

The average daytime high in Edmonton for December 2011 was +5.6. Hell, the average overnight low in Edmonton last month was around -8.

It's currently -18 in the city, and thanks to the last few days it still feels pleasantly warm outside.

Funny how that works.


Premier Mom

I don't imagine it will stay up long, and I didn't write it, but commenter Raebo on this story quickly nails the fundamental problem with Red Redford:

The big problem with Ms Redford is that she is acting more like a mother hen than a Premier.
She can't seem to separate her "personal" likes and dislikes from public policy.
She says she only has maybe one drink when out for dinner, so she writes that into public policy, now no one dares have two drinks at a restaurant and drives home.
Lets hope she doesn't dislike camping, eggs, hunting, or red meat or she will raise taxes and fee's on those as well.
She is clearly an incompetent man hater, and in way over her pretty head.
She will no doubt try buying votes again in the upcoming election like she did last time but lets hope the smart- er people of Alberta who are not on her list of groups to be greased will vote for the only True Blue Conservative party, and not her turncoat tory looking/liberal thinking red-ford party.