A geopolitical lesson

When an indigenous species wants to cancel Canada, the solution is to shoot them in the head.

@DividedEqually - Correct.

Hey everybody, a leftist actually figured something out. Nice work to whoever his overpaid unionized public "educators" were, you were worth at least a sliver of your salary that day.

Oh wait, disregard. I'm being told by the crew in the Third Edge of the Sword production van (currently parked outside of Marie Renaud's house with a telephoto lens aimed directly at her daughter's bedroom) that this tweet was not sincere.

In fairness neither was my opening paragraph. After all, Hunter Biden isn't a racist no matter how often he says nigger. In fact, he could go to his dad's old boss and say to his face hey Barack you're a stupid nigger, you stupid nigger, go nigger off and nigger yourself up the niggerass and that isn't racist either. As we've covered before, part of the pure retardation of the left is that they redefined "racism" into something that isn't bad anymore and then expect us to play along.

The reason we "keep statues up" is to honour great men. Not men that didn't do anything you disagreed with along the way, great men who built things of value. Robert E. Lee was so highly regarded by the men who had spent years trying to kill him that after the Civil War he was given the Presidency of a university and while indicted was not tried for any actions during the war: in fact Ulysses Grant invited Lee to the White House to cordially discuss policy within the American South. General Jackson didn't get to enjoy any postwar life thanks to a friendly fire incident, but his tactics and concepts for the design of an armed forces so impressed his fellow soldiers and opposing generals that they were literally incorporated into the teachers at United States military colleges. General Richard L. T. Beale served as a U.S. Congressman after the war and wrote a history book. Major-General Thomas went on to be the Governor of Arkansas. Why shouldn't these men, who did more to build the United States than any random 50,000 BLM protesters, be honoured? (As we've noted before, if the men who literally fought the Confederacy and knew the men firsthand didn't find any fault in them by what basis do we expect to do otherwise?) So likewise no "racism" to be found here: and if blacks don't want to be reminded about a historical event then maybe they should just grow up and join the rest of the civilized world. Nobody in Norway complains that they used to be under the yolk of the Swedish King. You can wander up and down the streets of Ankara without hearing anybody bitching about those damned Galatians.

@Chris_Faion - Only right-wingers care about actual genocides (which are actually pretty rare)

Speaking out against mask mandates isn't "right-wing" either then, is it? Those whose memories go back further than Khmer Trudeau's Year Zero might remember a lot of non-right-wingers protesting over government-mandated dress codes.

Of course, the thing to remember is that nobody who opposes Israel is "speaking out against genocide". The only ethnic cleansing going on in the region are from the derka derkas: let's not forget which side's charter calls for the elimination of the other race. How does the Hamas Charter read again?
Hamas is one of the links in the Chain of Jihad in the confrontation with the Zionist invasion. It links up with the setting out of the Martyr Izz a-din al-Qassam and his brothers in the Muslim Brotherhood who fought the Holy War in 1936; it further relates to another link of the Palestinian Jihad and the Jihad and efforts of the Muslim Brothers during the 1948 War, and to the Jihad operations of the Muslim Brothers in 1968 and thereafter. But even if the links have become distant from each other, and even if the obstacles erected by those who revolve in the Zionist orbit, aiming at obstructing the road before the Jihad fighters, have rendered the pursuance of Jihad impossible; nevertheless, the Hamas has been looking forward to implement Allah’s promise whatever time it might take. The prophet, prayer and peace be upon him, said: The time will not come until Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them); until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: O Muslim! there is a Jew hiding behind me, come on and kill him!
This is the side left-wingers like Chris are on. These are his hateful and genocidal peeps. How far gone are we as a society when idiots like him think "decent human beings" want the trees to sing about murdering Jews?


@MuellerSheWrote - I never learned about Vlad the Impaler either

Why on earth would I be taught about a single race riot that lying activists like Mark Mueller claim was a "massacre"? Let's look at the Yahoo! News story from just under a decade ago
when there was at least some semblance of balance in news coverage:
The railroad tracks have special significance in Tulsa, marking the racial border, said James Goodwin, a 71-year-old black Tulsa lawyer whose father’s high school graduation was canceled because of the historic Tulsa race riot.

Little known outside Oklahoma, the Tulsa race riot of 1921 erupted at a time when American blacks were shut out of most jobs, including Tulsa’s booming oil industry, and were segregated in schools, businesses and housing. Blacks were subjected to violence including lynchings elsewhere in Oklahoma and around the country. Tulsa’s black community was determined to protect itself from such lynchings, according to a 2001 Oklahoma state commission report on the riot.

On May 31, 1921, Tulsa exploded in violence after rumors spread that white vigilantes planned to lynch a black man held in jail and accused of raping a white woman. Armed black men tried to defend the man, while white citizens, some armed by the all-white police department, burned and looted 1,000 homes and businesses in the all-black section of north Tulsa.
Though it's unclear why anybody outside of the general area should be aware of it. It didn't even really make any big difference in overall American politics. Do students also learn about the rioting blacks that destroyed Detroit? Or the rioting blacks who destroyed Cleveland? The rioting blacks who destroyed Minneapolis (the first time)? How about the rioting blacks who destroyed Los Angeles (the first time)? Did they learn about the rioting blacks who destroyed Milwaukee? Did they...okay, at this point the joke has stopped being funny, but the point is clear: American negros are involved in a lot of riots and if children learned about all of them there'd be no time to learn how to add two numbers together.

Let's turn the situation around and ask Mr. Mueller a question in return: have you ever heard of the Red River Rebellion?

I can tell you from experience that nobody from Ontario has, so I doubt that a Trump hater from San Diego has. Yet that was a relatively major event in Canadian history. That doesn't get into the curriculum, but activists here insist that the "Sixties Scoop" is important enough that it needs to be included. (It doesn't). Like Dennis Mueller's Tulsa Riot, it's a relatively minor event that needs to be in the curriculum not because it's important but merely because it advances the disgusting agenda of these activists.

As the title of the post notes, there are lots of people and events that modern education doesn't bother teaching children despite their being of real value. How many of the responses Mueller got were from people who could also advise if they learned about Emperor Constantine, or John Hancock, or Henry the Eighth?


While I'm busy at work this week and can't enjoy Wimbledon or the hottest weather in Edmonton history, it's worth nothing that this is the the 356th post of 2021, which makes this now a busier year for Third Edge of the Sword than 2007 (355 posts).

We're now targeting 2009 (407 posts) and 2015 (435 posts) to reach the ever-elusive second-place. First place is probably Gretzky-ish beyond reach: 573 posts in 2006.


A man plays a woman's sport and everybody pretends he's a trailblazer

When I was growing up, my ghosthood was most obvious to me in locker rooms and on ball fields — places where I had to confront my own body and its relation to others’. But the emptiness was always present, in classrooms and at prom and at friends’ houses and even alone in my room. All I wanted was embodiment, and it was the one thing that I, for so long, would not be able to find. Instead, I used drugs. I self-harmed because pain, at least, felt real.

I didn’t realize there was another choice until age 28, when I popped my first little blue estrogen pill, sitting at a bar with some friends in Philadelphia, a humongous grin on my face.
This is not the way a mentally healthy man would ever talk. Of course, trannies are just faggots with that extra level of crazy as we well know.

Peter Moskowitz is very excited that he gets to play tennis now against women, and pretend that they're "other women" rather than women who are going to be humiliated playing against him as long as Peter has a modicum of skill. Let's look at what I wrote exactly four years ago yesterday:
I can speak with a little bit of authority here: I've been playing a lot of tennis over the past couple of years and one of the regular players I play against is a woman. She has been involved in a few Edmonton tennis tournaments and finished top 5 in a couple of them. She is actually a ranked Canadian tennis player. Watching her games as a spectator against other women tennis players I have seen her win more than she loses and have often been impressed with her skill.

And I've never once lost to her.

Okay it's not like I win every bout between us 6-0, 6-0, 6-0. I've lost sets to her before, but never two in a row. I've lost sets to one of the other women I've played as well, but usually I lose a set 6-4, and I often win sets 6-4 or 6-2. In a heads up battle between a woman who is pretty good and me, I fare extremely well. If you watch me playing her on the courts sometimes you might think I'm really an impressive player. I'm always in position and my feet barely move while I make her cover all four corners of the court. My serves are often returned into the net, her volleys fly over my head and go long. My ground game in particular might blow you away.

And then you watch me play male players and you'll notice that I'm regularly the second best player on the court.
If I decided to pull a Marcel Panas and pretend I was a woman, I could officially play against her and the other girls in the tournament...and I'd probably fulfill my dream of winning a tennis tournament. Of course, I could also go trans-temporal, claim I'm actually an 8-year-old boy, and win tennis matches against them too. It's cheating but I'd at least win: in fairness I have no trouble using a cheat code in a single-player Starcraft or Birth of the Federation game so there's probably no reason I shouldn't also use one in a physical sport. Yet I don't.

Mr. Moskowitz does, of course. Then he writes an endless screed about how it's all about his identity like that's something that actually matters. rmcolborn has the best of the many good comments at the bottom of the article (at least they permit comments):
Human beings one the most dimorphic of all mammals. Males average no less than 50% greater mass and strength than females. THAT is the elephant in the living room. Who here remembers when Venus and Serena Williams, two of the finest females tennis players in the world, announced the challenge that they could beat any male rated lower than 200 in the sport? First, the nature of that bet should give you pause: the best of the best of the best knew that they couldn't compete with the 200 best males in tennis. But, then, Karsten Braasch, rated 203, beat both sisters back to back. And it was not because he was anti-female. It was quite simply because he was cis-male, and they had wagered too far.

At some point, we need to recognize the mistake of whining, "You're disallowing us because you are transphobic and unwilling to accept us." No, we are not. In reality, I would really not like to see a transmale get killed in a normal MMA tournament, or a transmale get killed playing American football or rugby. Or, even to see a transmale dominate women's tennis because cis-women can't compete with a person whose biological destiny was 50% greater muscle mass and density. I like trans people enough I don't want to see them killed because they've misunderstood the issue. You wanna play badminton? I guess that's okay. But don't be surprised when a transmale comes and steals the show. I know we don't like in our so-modern society that the average differences in the sexes are actually associated with real biological and adaptive function, but they are.

Women are built with bodies that give birth, make milk, with radically different fat locations and concentrations, radically different hormonal soups for their brains and glands, and with joints actually designed to soften and stretch to allow a baby to pass through. It is amazing and miraculous. Men's hips in general are not designed to stretch wide enough to pass a baby head. A woman's body is miraculous, even if it is not the kind of body that is first in the race or first in overhead lifts. On the bell curve, besides being way smaller, even very lean women will be at 15% fat or much more. On the same bell curve, lean men will run 7-8%. Are there outliers in the population? Sure. Yes. In all domains. Very rarely--it's why they're outliers. But it's hard--perhaps cruel--to make rules, 1) around large public activities, and, 2) greater risks of injury or death, for normal public or educational activities.
It reminds me not only of my classic tennis story (which was during my story about Serena/Venus claims about being almost as good as the Top-200), but also something that Martok remarked a long time ago that I don't think I've ever blogged about before: the WNBA.

You know the WNBA, surely: it was probably the first of the professional sporting female-copycat leagues. It's a basketball league made up (for now) entirely of women. Yet Martok had a point about it that you might have to read twice to fully appreciate:
There's a WNBA. There's no MNBA. There is only the regular NBA that anybody can join but only men are ever good enough.
This is true of almost all the leagues: they aren't specifically excluding women, they just need the best of the best and women aren't even close. Occasionally the leagues will bring in a token woman as a marketing tool, but no teams are interested in actually keeping them on the roster.

If Peter Moskowitz had his way, they would only be token women once a decade in the league of their own.

Was this really so hard?

The Telegraph asks: "Why North Korea is facing a major food shortage that could lead to the death of millions?"

The answer is socialism.

Okay, how hard was that?


@TaliaRinger - all uranists deep down know they only have two ways out

Alan Turing was really good at math, and really really really really bad at being a mentally stable heterosexual.

As a result of the former, we celebrate him. As a result of the latter, we pity him. As a smart guy, Turing understood that his faggy urges were evil, and that there was something horribly wrong with him as a result. His brain was broken, and he needed to be cured.

When mathematician John Nash, who's also really good at math but has a minor problem with his brain being severely broken, had irrational thoughts entering his broken brain he (eventually) decided to seek treatment and help manage/cure his issues. Everybody acknowledges these things when it comes to John Nash.

Yet Ringer refuses to accept with Alan Turing what Turing himself knew: his lifestyle choice was a mistake and he needed to change back. He wasn't particularly good at changing back, but that's hardly an argument in favour of remaining in his evil sodomitic state. What was that Kennedy line about doing these things not because they are easy but because they challenge us?

Turing, sadly, wasn't up to the challenge. Like so many faggots who understand on some level (Turing understood on more than most, hence the attempts at therapy) that they are broken and wrong and should be better, he had to deal with suicidal tendencies. Ass piracy is a mental illness, and mentally ill people are often suicidal. We can all pretend to be surprised by this, or put the blame on morally superior people in the British Government.

Or we can work to find new and improved ways to fix the pillow biters and put them back on the path to the only valid sexual orientation.


@_ablebakercindy - You're arguing against reality

Nobody on the planet before 2020 has ever had the stupid, retarded like a kid who eats lead paint, idea that social spending was "infrastructure".

For that matter, nobody on the planet before 1970 thought that the government should be offering "affordable child care". "Affordable elder care" is a little older, it was essentially invented by Otto von Bismarck. Still, not offering one or both has been a fairly standard affair the world over for quite some time: it's unclear why uniquely on the planet America is "screwing women over" for not paying them for something that they could just do themselves by letting their husband be the breadwinner.


SteynOnAlberta (again)

The U.K. is again restricting citizen's freedoms because of a "dangerous new variant". Mark Steyn is on the case, with an en passant dig at Jason Kenney.

It is for your sake, Comrades, that California's Gavin Newsom chows down at the French Laundry and Alberta's Jason Kenney dines on rooftop patios.

Politics doesn't seem terribly relevant to this new world: Newsom (La-La-Land leftie) and Kenney (rock-ribbed oil-sands Tory) are ostensibly polar opposites, splendid examples of the grand variety of democratic choice. And yet, mysteriously, their Covid regimes are all but indistinguishable.


The continuing decline of Bianca Andreescu

Today at the WTA500 Eastbourne event, Canadian Bianca Andreescu (7.5/10) was defeated in straight sets by Estonian hottie Anett Kontaveit (8.5/10) in one of the tit-vs-tit matchups that Thok Mak likes so much.
The third-seeded Andreescu, from Mississauga, Ont., lost 6-3, 6-3 to Anett Kontaveit of Estonia at the WTA Tour 500 grass-court event.

It marked the third loss for Andreescu in her past four matches.

The world No. 7 won just 50 per cent of points when she got her first serve in against the 27th-ranked Kontaveit at the Wimbledon tune-up event.

The Canadian saved two of eight break points.
In Andreescu's defense, this tournament (like the WTA250 Birmingham event we covered last week) is played on grass, and she's not very experienced in it. In fact, these two British grass events are typically considered warmups for the real British grass event coming up. So in theory this could be a learning exercise for Andreescu: treat it like a preseason MLB game where teams don't care at all about the win-loss record and instead use the opportunity to try new lineup combinations, pitchers, pitches, baserunning strategies, switch hitting, while also evaluating potential future talent.

On the other hand, Kontaveit is going to the quarter finals of a WTA500 tournament, and Andreescu isn't. So Anett is going to get more exposure to playing on grass and since she's already far more experienced, the gap will increase. In Birmingham Andreescu got to the second round only on a bye before losing to Alizé Cornet (8.5/10) after roughly two hours of grass play time. She did win a tit-vs-tit match in Eastbourne against Christina McHale (8/10) yesterday, but that will be overshadowed by her difficulties against Kontaveit: while she played Cornet to a 7-6(2),7-5 straight set loss today's match saw her dominate very early only to unravel until a rally midway through the second set, by which point it was too late.

And I mean literally unravel, at one point late in the first set during an attempted return she suffered a wardrobe malfunction when her visor strap came undone and the ball sailed past her comically as the fabric fell over her face.

Rumour has it that Andreescu's recent coaching change was a firing caused by Bruneau expecting her to show up to practice. Seeing how undisciplined she was when the grass play didn't go her way, that can't help but be a bad omen. After taking the Wuhan Flu year off, and having some early successes, as the year goes on Andreescu seems to be slowly unraveling...again, sometimes literally.

In other Eastbourne action (playing catchup after a washout on Monday), an ugly-on-ugly match saw Anastasija Sevastova (5.5/10) defeat Cori Gauff (5.5/10) in three sets while on the flip side Elena Rybakina (7.5/10, recently upgraded from 7/10) in a tiebreaker second set defeated Elina Svitolina (9/10). Another battle saw the two different types of Swiss girls facing off: yodelling fantasy girl Belinda Bencic (8/10) lost 6-4 two sets in a row against Shania's maid-level homeliness of Viktorija Golubic (5.5/10). In another quirky match, J-O battled against O-J: Ons Jabeur (5/10) took the first set 7-5 only to lose the next two to Jelena Ostapenko (8/10).

In a curious looking match, meaty and bulky Aryna Sabalenka (6.5/10) cruised to a 6-1 first set win against wispy and lanky American Alison Riske (7/10). Would you believe that Sabalenka got ten -- ten!!!! -- aces versus Riske's zero?

The hottest actual American in the WTA Shelby Rogers (9/10) lost to possibly the hottest active WTA player (and definitely the hottest player participating in the Eastbourne event) in Camila Giorgi (9.5/10) in another example of "why oh why did they play each other so early when I don't get to watch it" early round matchups. The next hottest player was probably Veronika Kudermetova (9/10) who lost to Riske on Tuesday, so while a couple-three "pretty good" players are still in the running Giorgi (who plays Sabalenka tomorrow) is the one to watch.

Technically Anisimova is also American, but we know she really isn't, in the same way that Ben Johnson wasn't really a Canadian and Osaka isn't really Japanese.

The quarter finals, as noted, begin tomorrow. There are no hottie-on-hottie matches, so it's conceivable that the uglies will all be eliminated to make the semis worth watching: the matches all start at 4am tomorrow so we'll know what's up by the time our coffee machine timers kick in.

@msolurin - If I can't call the police, I'll shoot on sight

One wonders exactly how Olayemi Olurin envisions policing. Despite the fact that according to her own retarded claims she's in a demographic which would log more than her fair share of police interactions, she doesn't seem to know much about the nuts and bolts.

If there's a nigger robbing me, or assaulting me, or on his way to rob or assault me I can currently phone the police, and they will take efforts to either stop him or track him down and arrest him (using an appropriate level of force). In Olurin's fantasy police-less world that option isn't available to me and therefore I will open fire and shoot him at the slightest provocation. No skin off my nose, the crime has indeed been prevented and the scumbag will never bother anybody ever again.

However the vast majority of cases don't work like that. Beat cops exist to deter crime and when necessary to stop it in progress. Detectives and other investigators are the ones who after the fact try to figure out who did it. They will collect evidence and attempt to solve the case. You've all seen the myriad of TV shows that feature this. Once they have evidence of who committed the crime, they sent in the beat cops to arrest them. Why do you think the cops were arresting that violent crook George "Gorilla" Floyd in the first place? Ditto Michael Brown. The crime already happened, and they were taking action to bring the guilty party to justice. Arresting these criminals and charging them with crimes is a concrete example of changing the conditions that lead to crime.

Let's pick an example close to Olayemi Olurin's heart: the violent gang rape of Olayemi Olurin. Whether the NYPD has enough boys in blue or not, they aren't particularly likely to intervene during the act itself. However, after the deed has been done and Olayemi is left injured and violated, what can she do? She can't go to the police, they've been abolished remember. If she knows a decent artist maybe they can sketch a picture of one or two of the perpetrators, she can appeal on social media, and hope that somebody identifies the guy while not accidentally identifying a different guy (if, say, the perpetrators are of a race who all kind of look the same to the rest of us...). If they wore gloves I guess they've come up with the perfect (and bustily delicious) crime. In this case the "condition that led to the crime" (vastly reduced fear of consequences) is trending the opposite direction as she thinks.

Or are we going to also remove privacy controls on DNA databases? What if I haven't been convicted of a crime or voluntarily giving my DNA up though, won't I just never be in the database? Currently police have access to crime-solving resources that the general public doesn't have. Every non-US citizen who enters the United States from a country that doesn't rhyme with "sanada" gets fingerprinted, as does everybody who gets arrested (legitimate or not). When police find a suspect he can be asked to submit, and compared to the rape kit which the police took after the offense. Police are given extra powers to investigate crimes...or will those powers be also given to the rest of us? Can I forcibly extract DNA from people I think might match the sample I obtained? Will I be allowed to restrain Olayemi Olurin by her wrists, force her into my vehicle, and take her to a secured facility where I can lock her away unless she honestly answers all of my questions?

I'm perhaps being hard on Olurin [could be worse, you could be hard in her... -ed], I'm asking a lot of questions about the nature of a world without policing that she has neither the insight nor the skill to answer. Most of these aren't particularly hard questions, anybody who puts a few minutes of thought into it will come up with them. But she's a far-left activist and even this sort of "shallow thinking but the pool is starting to angle downwards" is beyond her.

If there's no police than when I am wronged (or perceive I have been wronged) my only recourse is no longer legal but supra-legal: I will need to find the responsible party on my own. Hopefully my job lets me take time off or I have free time evenings and weekends to figure out the solution to this problem, otherwise I'm going to have to choose between hiring somebody or giving up on getting justice. The latter is certainly an option: victims of property crime tend to endure that punishment today even with police in place: only beat cops really have any impact on (small-to-medium) property crime. The only time people get their due justice is, as we opened up with, they get caught in the act. Trayvon Martin, Coulton Boushie, and Ahmaud Arbery are all (thankfully) dead thanks to this principle.

Olayemi Olurin wants us to remove more Trayvon Martins from this world.

You could have just asked.



Rules for thee but not for me:

Executives at Facebook, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, allegedly admitted to seeking out employees who leak information about the company and firing them, according to a new video from Project Veritas.

During a company meeting, a woman identified by Project Veritas as Internal Communication Director Melinda Davenport appeared to ask what the company is doing to handle leaks. Davenport mentioned Project Veritas had released videos that released the names of Facebook employees, allegedly putting them at risk.

“So, what are we doing to actually stop leakers?” Davenport appears to ask in the video. “And how are we keeping our colleagues safe?”

Zuckerberg said the company has “a number of efforts to find people” who leak and “terminate people and pursue the recourse that we have when we identify them,” according to the Project Veritas video. Zuckerberg then noted Facebook usually does not “talk about it, or go out of our way when we find folks who leak.”

“I think over the last year there have been more leaks than I think all of us would have wanted, but we, we also you know, find a lot of the folks and terminate them,” he added, according to the Project Veritas video.

A woman then identified by Project Veritas as Facebook Vice President and Deputy General Counsel Heidi Swartz appeared to tell employees Facebook “always [investigates the leaks] to the fullest extent possible. And when we find leakers, which we often do, we have a zero tolerance. So that means we fire them.”

This day in (blog) history

Flashback, 2007: computer stores in Edmonton shutting down left right and centre.

Welcome to 2021: BCOM, Honor Computer Systems, and Westworld are all (inexplicably) still around, but we're back down to only having two Memory Express locations. FutureShops all closed, but there are still a decent number of Best Buys still around.


Overhead on a patio earlier today.

It's sad, starting today we get less and less sunlight every day.

"CNN has yet to report whether or not the president truly took the form of a bird and chased the network around a small yard"

Editor's Note: this post was written one year ago but got caught up in draft status. As a result, one year later, here's this post from June 21st 2020.

Clown World: Twitter Fact-Checks Hilarious Trump Tweet Meme on Behalf of CNN:
Twitter and the mainstream lying press are working overtime to gaslight Americans into believing that memes are “fake news.” The president tweeted this hilarious meme by well-known satirist and meme-maker Carpe Donktum on Thursday, which skewered the fake news media narrative and the way they manipulate reality. It is spot-on genius. But journalists are pretending they don’t know it’s a joke.
Of course, we all know that they do this all the time. No, obviously not with the babies, but does anyone remember the Covington kids? CNN showed us manipulated media to make it seem like the teenagers were disrespecting Native Americans. Remember that? They whipped up a hate mob to ruin their lives. They lost a defamation suit in court over it, that’s how bad it was. And Carpe Donktum is one of the best satirists out there. He is effective at showing us the truth about things through jokes.

Here's the original Carpe Donktum video:


Mind. Blown.

You can sing all of the versus of "King of the Road" perfectly to "59th Street Bridge Song".

I can't even take credit for the discovery, the guy who did was born during the reign of Queen Victoria.

@DrTomFrieden - I never wasn't safe from Chairman Xi's third-rate bioweapon

I never wasn't safe from this disease. I'm certainly at great risk in all facets of my life from the political responses though.

Happy Summer Weekend from Third Edge of the Sword

Today is the first day of summer (and, though it technically doesn't happen until 9:30 tonight, at least we can call it the first official weekend of the summer).

Obviously it's a little low-key, with the grand provincial reopening not planned until Dominion Day. Still, good day to enjoy a newly fag-free patio.

Liveblog: WTA Viking Classic Birmingham Final - Daria Kasatkina vs. Ons Jabeur

It's god-awful early on a Sunday, but I'm here for the WTA Birmingham Final between Daria Kasatkina (8/10) and Ons Jabeur (5/10). The match is just about to begin, I'll link to the liveblog in a couple more minutes.

Update, 8:25am: Jabeur won in straight sets, and I'll be editing out the liveblog from the main splash page.


@NAO_SEYCH - thin heterosexuals don't need affirmations of our positive qualities

In an international pop culture version of the lady doth protest too much, we push "pride" events on people specifically because in real life they have nothing worth being proud of.

Disgusting lifestyle choices are nothing to be proud of: from eating too many cheeseburgers to anal sex, the only reason so many people are working so hard to assure you that you and what you are/do are beautiful is because in a vacuum it's obvious you would feel bad for your own weakness.

“Happy Juneteenth, jackass.”

About a month ago at TakiMag, Steve Sailor obliterated "Juneteenth":

It’s getting harder and harder to keep up with all the black-themed “holidays” each year. Already we’ve had MLK Day (Jan. 18), Black History Month (February), Rosa Parks Day (Feb. 4), Black Love Day (Feb. 13), Frederick Douglass Day (Feb. 14), Harriet Tubman Day (March 10), Emancipation Day (April 16), Duke Ellington Day (April 29), Malt Liquor Day (May 5), The Guy Who Does the Jittery Shaky Dance in the “Beat It” Video Day (May 14), and Violent Rage Over Something Trivial Day (ongoing).

And the year’s not even half over!

Next month, the nation will observe “Juneteenth,” a formerly little-known unofficial holiday made widely known and very official last year following weeks of BLM violence during what could be referred to as Black Fistory Month. For those who may not know, Juneteenth is a day of observance that marks the moment on June 19, 1865, when news of the Emancipation Proclamation, which had been signed three years earlier, finally reached the slaves of Texas. For some odd reason, white Texans had not yet informed their slaves that they were free (what could possibly have been the motivation for that?). Upon hearing the news, black Texans declared a day of celebration: Juneteenth, a portmanteau of June and nineteenth. It soon became a day marked by blacks in all states.

Whites in Texas declared their own day of mourning, called Junedamfoudout, a portmanteau of June and “Damn, they found out.”

Now that Juneteenth is an actual official holiday, whites are struggling to find the best way to join in the celebration. Traditionally, the proper manner of expressing “Happy Juneteenth” to a black person is to give him three-year-old news that he didn’t already know.

Hilariously, a nonwhite Canadian CEO tried to use the holiday for marketing (you know, like companies do for everything always) and got raked over the coals for it.
Now, Old Navy CEO Sonia Syngal is an India-born Canadian, so it’s understood that she might not know much about black Americans. She’s also in her 50s, which makes it understandable that she might not know much about influencer culture, either. But it’s astounding that no one down the line picked up on one very key similarity between blacks and influencers: They like free stuff. Old Navy told those black influencers that they’d have to buy their own Juneteenth shirts…in order to shill them so that Old Navy could make the profit.


"Don't confuse me with anyone else, I am not anyone other than myself."

Blacks committing all the anti-asian hate crimes:

  • Then
    According to the protesters, the Koreans "disrespected an African sister," a Creole-speaking Haitian named Jiselaine Felissaint, who tired of wailing in the check-out line and headed for the door. When she refused the grocers' demand that she open her hag, they heat her savagely. The Koreans claim Felissaint paid two dollars for three dollars' worth of plantains and limes. When the cashier requested the dollar, she retorted, "Yon Chinese, Korean motherfucker. Go back to your country." The cashier said. "This is not your country, not my country, it's everybody's, right?" After an exchange of hot peppers and a tussle, the woman fell to the ground, claiming injury.
  • Now
    There’s been a rise in attacks on Asian-Americans in recent months, especially the elderly. This is true. Statistics confirm it.

    But when it comes to perpetrators of recent acts of violence against Asian-Americans, it’s hardly white supremacy that’s to blame. Vicha Ratanapakdee, an immigrant from Thailand who lived in San Francisco, was brutally assaulted on video by Antoine Watson, a black 19-year-old. 

Not that the Chinese particularly like the negros, as we've noted before.


@kydaeo - Science says I'm okay marching

Well the science is clear: if you're straight, white, and born after 1965 then the Wuhan Flu essentially has no effect on you.

So why not march? Unlike the activists upset that police give criminal blacks the fate they deserve, or are angry at Mr. Ryerson for having sensible policies about Residential Schools, or to support Muslims murdering Jews with rockets, these people care about personal liberty. That's a pretty important thing.

So they understand from the science that the risk to them, particularly outdoors, is so close to zero as to be effectively meaningless. If that's too much for you then you either had too much or too little education.

Post #3500, Baby!

And it's not even summer yet. As an advanced word of caution though, an intense summer schedule means the posting frequency is likely to rapidly decrease over the next few weeks.


@johnjackson6666 - Except he wasn't

As we've noted in this space before, "racism isn't active" in America anymore than it is in any other country in the world that has human beings in it. Racism in Botswana is probably 50x worse than it is in America. 

More importantly, it's an outright lie to claim that Senator Timothy Scott was a "victim of systemic racism". Scott was born in 1965, which was a year after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which officially made it a crime to have any sort of "system" in place that discriminated based on race. Again, as we've covered here enough times to make it tiresome for our regular readers, Temper-Le and his ilk have never been able to point to a single example of systemic racism against blacks within Scott's lifetime. (Meanwhile, examples of systemic anti-white discrimination abound)

So he never was a victim of systemic racism. Never. That isn't to say he's never been called a nigger. For all I know somebody calls him a nigger every single morning. Who cares? If every day Kevin Hart walked down his local street and one guy called him "Nigger" and the other guy called him "Shorty", it says nothing about whether there's systemic racism anymore than systemic heightism. In fact the latter has a much stronger case: taller people tend to make more money but that might just be due to being able to apply for more jobs...warehouse pickers are more common than racehorse jockeys, after all. Having people insult you doesn't make any statement about the legal and constitutional systems you live under...and by the way as Scott himself noted, his (generally) white conservative constituents seem to care about his race a lot less than black leftists do. The closest example was being "pulled over for no reason" which is a non-issue when whites can easily point to our own cases of being stopped by police despite having not committed any crime. And the less whined about being followed in a store the better.

Also, Tim Scott never benefited from socialist programs, unless you're extending military benefits into the realm of "socialism". Of course, honesty was never anything the left was planning on bringing out: Tim Scott's speech explicitly mentioned that the rhetoric doesn't match up with the facts on the ground. That's why psychotic nigger activist "Bishop" Talbert Swan kicked the whole thread off by falsely claiming that Scott's statements meant he was a "white supremacy apologist", despite the fact that not a single passage in Scott's speech (click here to read it) is related to white supremacy.

Of course, reading an entire speech and then pointing to specific sentences that demonstrate the point you think you're making is a lot of work. Leftists always project, and I guess we can add "selective memory" to the list.

Bonus coverage: Ann Coulter explaining the appeal of black Republican candidates and the flaws in Senator Scott's politics.

If you really want to "flip the script" try opposing Pride Month or BLM

A Texas student uses her high school valedictorian speech to denounce Texas' new abortion law.

Paxton Smith had submitted an entirely different speech on the effect of the media on young minds to school officials for the commencement ceremony at Lake Highlands High School in Dallas on Sunday, but Smith said it was important to use the moment to criticize a controversial abortion law signed by Gov. Greg Abbott last month.

“I refuse to give up this platform ... when there is a war on my body and a war on my rights,” Smith said.

Smith called the legislation "a war on the rights of your mothers, a war on the rights of your sisters, a war on the rights of your daughters."

"We cannot stay silent," Smith said to her graduating class.
She really really really wants to be able to murder babies. That cannot be psychologically healthy.

The memo to conservatives students in the running to be valedictorian in the future is clear: "flip the script" and submit some anodyne speech about being the "leaders of tomorrow" or some nonsense and then in the actual speech give a devastating takedown of cancel culture, #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherfucker, and how there are only two sexes with only one valid sexual orientation relating the two of them.

Smith doesn't seem equally upset about the "war on the rights of your brothers" to run their BBQ restaurants, or the "war on the rights of your fathers" to use firearms to shoot and kill violent blacks terrorizing their homes and neighbourhoods, or the "war on the rights of your sons" by running up insane levels of debt and importing third world thugs to replace them. All of which might just possibly strike a nerve in Texas.

You've got it wrong, Paxton. You can stay silent. Your side never shuts up about all these murders you seem so anxious to engage in, maybe you can let our side get things off our chests once and a while.

@Gambit41 - Punch a Viro Fascist

Does anybody the Calgary area know who this Viro Fascist is who cheers on the abuse of police power on people who are superior to him? Hint: the butchest thing about him is his dog.

If so, please post below. Or alternately, teach the evil SOB what it's really like to live in the world he thinks he wants to live in.

Lockdowns Don't Work, Volume CCCCCCCCCCCCVXXIII

If only conservatives had been warning about this for a year and oh right we were when the "experts" scoffed at us:

Statisticians at Munich University found “no direct connection” between the German lockdown and falling infection rates in the country.

Instead, the study found infection rates had already clearly begun to fall before a national lockdown was imposed last November.

It also found clear evidence the rate was already falling on the two occasions the lockdown was tightened, in December and April.

The study focused on the R number, which indicates how many people each infected person passes the virus to. The scientists argue it is less easily distorted by fluctuating test rates than the weekly infection rates used by the German government to decide lockdown restrictions.  

The study found that on each occasion the R number was already under 1 before the new restrictions came into force, indicating that infections were falling. The lockdown has since been lifted across most of the country. 


A plague on both their houses

It's hard to decide whose side to take in this one.

The New York Times revealed on Friday that both the Trump and Biden administrations attempted to subpoena its reporters’ emails to identify sources. The Biden administration employed a gag order to prevent the Times and Google, which operates the Times’ email servers, from publicly discussing the subpoena attempts.


@svdate - You're making progress. By 2066 you'll be championing renaming the country after God-Emperor Donald Trump

This isn't about the retardedly stupid take this far-left extremist has about the minor January 6th Capitol Hill protests. Glenn Greenwald and Scott Adams have already covered that pretty well.

Instead this is about S.V. Date's slow march towards having an intelligent thought.

A far-left extremist has admitted that George W. Bush did not incite/encourage/plan the 9/11 attacks.

It's another miraculous way that the previous Republican President is the Left's favourite person once they meet the new Republican President. Either that or Date's on a journey of personal improvement and eventually we'll be seeing tweets like this:

Unpacking the lies of Ron Johnston

Simon Fraser University's activist Director of a racist group called the Office for Aboriginal People, a man by the name of Ron Johnston, recently posted to social media his Residential School sob-story.

This is a photo of my Mom a couple of years after she was released from Sechelt Indian Residential School. She was taken there at a young age with her sister and brother after being apprehended by the RCMP on her way home from her local school. Although she eventually made it home, unlike the other 215 children who were recently found in mass graves at the Kamloops Indian Residential School, her life was forever changed from the many traumas that she and her siblings endured while imprisoned there. She carried these with her throughout her life, always going to bed with the light on and often waking in the middle of the night from the many nightmares she experienced throughout her life. I too have carried these traumas as well, often referred to as "intergenerational trauma" which have been passed on to subsequent generations of Indigenous people. My Mom passed to the spirit world at the young age of 52 yrs old, which I believe was inherently related to her Residential school experience. Throughout my life I have heard people say that Indigenous people should "get over it", "move on", but we continue to carry these traumas with us even though they have happened from years gone bye. Indigenous people have been triggered once again by what has happened and are collectively grieving across Turtle Island and telling their stories to help alleviate the pain we are carrying and to get rid of the toxins which continue to haunt many of us. Sharing our stories is good medicine and is important on many level so that others always remember what happened (to make it real) so history doesn't repeat itself. Which is why I'm sharing my story with you today. Love you Mom miss you
Of course everything about this is an outright lie. There were no 215 kids recently found, nor was it a "mass grave", it was an unknown number of bodies of an unknown species that might easily be unmarked (but already documented) graves in a graveyard.

So I've fixed Johnston's post by putting the truth about the excellent Residential School system in place of his nonsensical lies. Go peddle your wares elsewhere, birdbrain.


@ErikaABurch - how much can a person take of being told "white privilege" is real before snapping and justifiably killing a POC?

If you need the background, a violent nonwhite murdered a white man and said it was because he was told a slur (under circumstances that I explained years ago has absolutely nothing to do with racism). A normal person would have a take somewhere between "sticks and stones" and the old legal principle of "fighting words" depending to taste. Erika isn't normal, and basically implied (as this blogpost's title notes) that if a nigger gets called a nigger he's justified in killing the other guy.

But as American Renaissance writer Gregory Hood noted, absent of any proof it's Corey Pujols' word against the word of his former customer, 77-year-old corpse he created on the floor. In Erika's world I could send a black assassin 'round to her front door and execute her "for calling him a nigger" without her saying a single word and she would approve of column-inches being dedicated to defending him for killing her. That is: Erika A. Burch got what was coming to her. I'm sure this sort of system wouldn't come up with any sort of unintended consequences!

The only other thing of note in Erika's tweet is her insistence that Patrick of Atlantis is a "loser bot". This is rapidly becoming the new replacement for "troll", the insane belief that only a computer program can have a different political view. In fact she refers to a different account as a "bot" on the same thread, even though both are pretty clearly directly discussing her comments. As it happened back when I posted the Mulroney-Turner picture below back when "troll" was being used as a lame insult, it's an ignorant statement based on knee-jerk reaction rather than any sort of analysis. It would be like insulting everybody by calling them a nigger without bothering to check what their skin colour was.

It's the whole reason that "NPC" works against them and their counter of "bot" doesn't fit the facts. On the surface they are similar ideas, but the wide range of conservative thought and opinion (and the even-narrower of realistic responses from a bot versus an NPC) really blows a whole in it. Oh those wacky bots, writing almost 3500 blog posts over a decade and a half and somehow going out and taking pictures of hot girls on Whyte Ave all at the same time.

Just like with the ridiculous lie of "white privilege" I'm sick of it. And apparently if I decide to take it out on you, it's all your fault.

Blacks aren't smart enough to be scientific

A year ago today, a nigger by the name of Adrianne Gladden-Young was whining that too many of the scientists who were trying to cure the Wuhan Flu are white. I thought it was only fair, since the scientists who created it were all yellow.

I am a scientist who, for the past nine weeks, has been studying the respiratory virus that is disproportionately killing people who look like me. “I can’t breathe”—the way George Floyd pleaded for mercy as a white police officer in Minneapolis killed him late last month—has become a slogan for those protesting against police violence and systemic racism in America. But it also captures the deep inequities that have allowed the coronavirus to claim so many black lives, and neither the scientific community nor the public-health world is confronting the problem directly.

Well if she's dumb enough to think that "I can't breathe" was something Thug Floyd said "while pleading" then no wonder she was being kept away from the centrifuge. Not only was it something he said long before cops were forced to physically engage with him (it's a common trick these criminals perform) but he never pleaded for mercy...as seen in the video, he violently kept trying to resist arrest. Also note the lack of altruism involved: white scientists are working to cure people, while nigger scientists only care if the victims "look like them". Pathetic tribalism, or full on racism? You decide (but the answer is both).

I fully understand how viruses work. They exploit vulnerabilities, invading and quietly using their hosts’ cells to replicate, and then spread to other vulnerable hosts. As a black woman, I am doubly vulnerable—to COVID-19, and to the systemic racism that has always plagued my community. 

Gladden-Young didn't give an example of systemic racism, of course. She can't: it doesn't exist. This is not what we expect from the scientific community.

Our vulnerability does not earn us any special attention or public-health resources. For centuries, it has done the opposite, offering indifferent authorities an excuse to help us grudgingly or not at all. As the historian Vanessa Northington Gamble has documented, many leaders and health-care professionals during the 1918 influenza pandemic granted care and medical services—albeit limited and of low quality—to their black counterparts solely out of fear that disease-stricken black communities posed a public-health threat to white neighborhoods.

That's bad of course, because whites did it. When a negress like Gladden-Young does it, as she admits to within that article, it's a sign of how wonderful she is.

A century later, our needs are still routinely pushed aside. As the pandemic spread this spring, early triage plans for the expected surge in patients requiring intensive care included proposals to withhold lifesaving treatments from people with underlying health conditions such as lung and heart diseases—conditions that black people are more likely to have.

Whitey told you to go easy on the fried chicken, don't go blaming us because you just can't resist...

It's curious that Gladden-Young is also unaware of how triage works. Remember that in the early days of the Wuhan Flu scare, it was believed that there would be tides of dead bodies in the streets because the media (and activist scientists like Gladden-Young) kept insisting this was a horrendously deadly and contagious disease.

That meant that there would be a batch of patients who wouldn't likely benefit from time in the ICU and were lost causes no matter what we did. In the real world they ended up taking up spaces in ICUs anyways and then being a big bugaboo to whiny left-wing doctors. In the triage preparations of March 2020, they were the "P4" category. Gladden-Young might be sad that large numbers of blacks (who we knew early on were much more likely to die from this than whites) fall into the P4 category, but that doesn't make putting them there inherently wrong. Again, isn't she a scientist? If "the science" says "let the negros die in the gurney and use our precious resources to save the most people possible who happen to be white" then why is she complaining about it?

Meanwhile, even experts who specialize in health disparities felt obliged to note that protecting the health of black patients also protects “all Americans.” We have been diminished as liabilities to the health-care system or as outright vectors for disease.

Welcome to public healthcare, when every patient is a liability that's best to be shunted to the side. Again, this shouldn't news. In the meanwhile, I've been diminished by falsely being accused of being "an outright vector" for the Wuhan Flu just because I protest innocents being put in jail or dare attend a rodeo. Spare me your false outrage.

What research has been conducted to help black communities for their own sake? Even after years of efforts to reduce racial disparities in science and medicine, black populations are still dramatically underrepresented in medical and scientific data sets. Less than 10 percent of doctorate-level scientists are black. 

Maybe their grades aren't high enough (even though many schools, including Harvard where Gladden-Young currently works, have already vastly lowered academic standards so that even any blacks could be admitted)? Maybe not very many blacks bother to apply (I hear graduate studies is a lot of work). Years of getting a free leg up and still aren't getting the results you want? C'mon Adrianne, you're a scientist, what did Einstein (apocryphally) say about the definition of insanity?

Studies of community health—which are more likely to involve analysis of health outcomes in black populations—are less likely to receive funding than studies focused on molecular and cellular science. (The former category also happens to be the type of study that black researchers are more likely to conduct.)

Sounds like an inferior field of research. Hey, what a coincidence!

Making matters worse, the science, research, and medical communities have lost the trust of black communities after years of exploitation, abuse, and neglect—from the Tuskegee syphilis experiment to the infamous use of Henrietta Lacks’s cancer cells in research without her consent to the controversial approval of a “race-based drug” to our present awareness that health-care providers systematically underestimate black people’s physical pain. No wonder so many black Americans avoid participating in studies that might exclude us from the benefits or, worse, use science to link individuals to crimes they did not commit.

You want to have your cake and eat it to: you object to both having the attention of and being ignored by medical science. The "systematically underestimate black people's physical pain" by the way links to an article that just talks about cultural misunderstandings. Black people's skin isn't thicker after all [so explain how 50 Cent got shot so many times and survived while John Lennon didn't! -ed]. Good to know, but by the way it's not a myth that their IQs are lower. So stop systematically overestimating black people's mental acuity, lady.

While we're at it, let's stop wasting time on "outreach" to convince darkies that it's okay this  time it's totally okay we're giving them experimental vaccine with no long-term health data, since you and your ilk keep exaggerating tales of past abuse and then expect everybody else to bear the brunt of your propaganda. That was going to be the next thing you brought up, wasn't it?

The pandemic has revealed still more official obtuseness about African Americans’ health needs. In recent testimony to the House Ways and Means Committee, the infectious-disease expert James Hildreth—the president of Meharry Medical College, a historically black institution in Nashville, Tennessee—shared the story of an effort by the Tennessee National Guard to offer free COVID-19 testing in public-housing projects in that state. Even as patients with the coronavirus died undiagnosed, many of the testing sites sat empty because residents were wary of the National Guard. “Not surprisingly,” Meharry said, “the people living [in the public-housing developments] were apprehensive, and they stayed behind closed doors.”

WHAT DID I JUST SAY? No "obtuseness" about your "health needs" is involved in sending emergency services to help you out only to have your own illogical biases keep you away. This is your failure. Be better.

The pandemic will eventually peter out. But racism and bigotry have infected American institutions for centuries, and the public-health, medical, and science authorities are not immune. 

She still haven't provided examples of "racism and bigotry" in "American institutions". Though it looks like the likes of Gladden-Young and James Hildreth have enough ignorance and tribalism within that it sort of spills out into the world around them, like when Sickle Cell Anemia starts making you see colours that aren't actually there.

What black Americans need is for leaders in the public-health, research, and medical communities to stand up alongside us—to engage us not as victims, but as leaders and problem-solvers. One way to do so is to collaborate with and recruit from the historically black health-care and scientific institutions that serve us and know us. As Hildreth put it, “Let us take our place in this fight.”

Don't worry, nobody is engaging blacks as victims...unless you meant as victims in the most recent robbery or violent attack on Jews or Asians. Instead, we keep asking why "historically black health-care and scientific institutions" even exist. It's still segregation when you do that.

Does Meharry Medical College get around to teaching Newton's Third Law of Motion?

In the long term, efforts must continue to reduce the research-funding gap, invite more black Americans into the STEM pipeline, and provide appropriate support for both black health-care professionals and black students in medical and scientific fields.

How about no? How about all schools are treated equally and strongly encouraged (private) or mandated (public) to accept the best students no matter their skin colour? If that means no black student gets into "the STEM pipeline" ever again, so be it.

The words of George Floyd echo the systemic injustice and racist violence we have suffered for years. We can’t breathe.

Much like the statements (and $20 bills) of Gorilla Floyd, this claim of "systemic injustice and racist violence" is a fraud, a complete and villainous fabrication. We expect tribal negros to lie and fake victim status in order to get something free from superior taxpaying whites. We expect scientists to listen to evidence.

When the two collide, it's clear which side wins.

Plan your Uzbek holiday

Oh great, Uzbekistan is going to be sending us their immoral trash:

Alisher Kadyrov, who heads Milliy Tiklanish, or National Revival, which bills itself as a champion of tradition and family values, said in an interview published on June 7 on the Alter Ego YouTube channel that withdrawing citizenship from LGBT people would force other countries to provide them with refuge.
While it's upsetting to know that rather than cure their faggots Milliy Tiklanish will just offload them to us, on the other hand it means you're less likely to deal with them on a visit to Uzbekistan. Think of it like the international travel version of that time when the fag parade moved to Whyte Ave and therefore downtown bars were deliciously fag-free (it never seemed to work reliably the other way around).

Okay, it's not a bagel and a coffee along the streets of Paris, or even a pint of Efes along the streets of Bağdat Caddesi. It's fag free though, and you can't go wrong with that. Just watch your battery fluid.


Maybe a little too on point

You may have heard that another savage black criminal has been killed in a confrontation with police in Minneapolis. Which means, of course, another violent #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherfucker protest-turned-riot where they pretend that this evil scum who thankfully is no longer part of society was some sort of innocent angel. There may be photos of him as a preteen already floating around.

The man who was fatally shot by Minneapolis cops Thursday had demanded “war” after George Floyd’s death, was wanted on a felony-arms rap — and appeared to have fired his weapon as authorities tried to arrest him, according to court records, online posts and officials.
“Evidence at the scene indicates that the man fired his weapon from inside the vehicle. BCA crime scene personnel recovered a handgun as well as spent cartridge cases from inside the driver’s compartment,” the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension said in a statement.

Smith had made threatening posts after the police murder of Floyd — including some against cops.

“We got guns and bullet proof vest too or should be able to get em… why not just rush these f–ks and start this war they keep asking for!” Smith raged on Facebook.

“F–k justice anyway b—h justice is an eye for eye u kill one of mine we need one of yours that’s justice! Right or wrong f–k being right cuz they keep doing us wrong.

“I’m down with the burn everything government not touch sh-t else I don’t even need to loot I’ll buy my sh-t just kill them dirty ass cops off we tired of being scared at the red light!” he wrote.

Smith was wanted in neighboring Ramsey County for failing to appear for a sentencing hearing May 19 after he pleaded guilty to felony firearm possession, court records show.

The dad of two was convicted of felony aggravated robbery in 2017 and on probation and unable to possess a firearm, records show. If he had been nabbed with a firearm by cops Thursday, he could have sent back to prison.

Aside from the robbery and firearm raps, Smith had two other arrests on his record: for driving without a license, which he was convicted of, and for stealing 20 packs of Newport cigarettes, a rap which was dismissed. He also had been cited 15 times for traffic violations such as speeding and parking in snow zones and received two tickets for marijuana possession.

This is who they are protesting for. This is the shitty pinnacle of their violent race that they want to champion. This is who they want police to leave loose running around the streets.

Naturally they track down his sister who insists the violent nigger was "turning over a new leaf" (after the Facebook posts perhaps?) 

her brother's reputation had been smeared and any past mistakes he made did not justify his death.

"My brother was kind," she said. "No, he wasn't perfect. None of us are. He was trying to turn over a new leaf but they took that away from him."

"I love my brother, and I just don't want the world to judge him for what's being put out there," she added. "I will protect my brother's name until justice has been served."

Isn't it an odd coincidence after at least 4 years of being a hardened criminal and in possession of illegal firearms they always are "turning over a new leaf" at the precise moment the police gun them down?

The girlfriend had much the same thing to tell the useful idiots at USA Today

Shelly Hopkins, who was in a longtime relationship with Smith, told The Associated Press that Smith suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder from his interactions with police. She said, despite his past mistakes, he did not deserve to be killed.

“The two biggest things he cared about in this world was making people happy and being there for his kids,” she said.

Smith's loved ones remembered him as a comedian who wrote comedy skits for social media and as a father who never missed a birthday party or an opportunity to spend time with his children.

"He is a character," his mother, Tijuana Wilson, said at the news conference. "He's a fun person. And it's a shame they keep killing our young Black people."

"He will be missed," she continued.

Unless you're in a longtime relationship with this shithead, you never met the comedian: you met the roober who threatened to kill you unless you gave up the smokes, the thief who tries to take the hard-earned product of your own hard work. BurnLootMurder savages always do this though: they always find absolute scum who died at the hands of police and then loudly complain about the outcome: almost like they want martyrs that sensible whites have no interest in defending just for the extra anger.

In the modern parlance they want to memory hole the crooks' true nature, so that the media image of them is a sweet angel who could do no wrong, rather than the scumbag who is going the six feet in the ground they deserve.

So hey by the way I never actually mentioned the crook's name whose real life history is being Orwellianly rewritten in real time, did I?

Winston Boogie Smith. No, seriously. Winston Smith. Winston Smith's history is being memory holed by those in power.

It can't get any weirder can it? Unless his sister's name was Julia or something crazy like that. It's not Julia is it? No? Okay, good, we can't handle it being any weirder than Winston Smith the violent Minneapolis nigger having a sister named Julia. Instead it's Tieshia...Tieshia Floyd.

Wait, what?

Totally unrelated: Carjackings, the black hoodlum's crime of choice, skyrocketed in Minneapolis between 2020 and 2021.

Less than fun fact

(courtesy of Blazing Cat Fur):

What I realized reading about Daszak, a Britisher, is that he’s not the first British guy to try to destroy America. A large part of the initial research that led to the Climate Change madness that the Democrat party is using to destroy America’s economy and, indeed, its lifestyle, came from the Climatic Research Unit at England’s University of East Anglia. That was the same institution that falsified information to hide the fact that global temperatures were falling, not rising (“Hide the decline”).

Several years later, Democrats used the Steele Dossier, written by Christopher Steele, a former British spy, to try to destroy Trump’s presidency. While Trump managed to stay in the White House, Steele’s disinformation severely hampered Trump’s ability to get things done. His presidency could have been beyond extraordinary without the pressure that the Russia hoax placed upon him.

Beginning in the 13th century, and especially in France in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, many have called England “perfidious Albion.” The British nation as a whole may not deserve that epithet, but America has not been well-served by individual Britishers of late. Daszak is just another Brit who seems to be determined to get revenge for the Revolution.

Medical timeout

So far, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova (6.5/10, recently upgraded from 6/10) isn't doing great in her French Open final against Barbora Krejcikova (6.5/10) and is just finishing a medical timeout featuring a live groin massage and thigh bandaging.

After winning the first set she then let Krejcikova win the next six to take the first set, in a bit of a gongshow match. The timekeeper hasn't kept time properly, ushers have let people into their box seats between points, and linesmen have been changing their initial rulings more often it seems than they've been keeping them.

So far Pavlyuchenkova is winning 5-2 in the second set, but at this point the Viking Classic in England and the BETT1OPEN in Germany are the things I'm most interested in.

A tale of two countries

America (via text message):

I'm about to go to Vegas w/ some friends tonight for standards schools-out procedure 😂☠️🎉
What are you up to? 😈


Speak now or forever hold your peace

Phil Lawler writes about leftists (specifically in the Catholic Church) distorting and imposing invalid language on people (again, specifically, Catholics):

Sometimes the misuse of language is downright Orwellian. When Chicago’s Cardinal Blase Cupich announced that unvaccinated Catholics must not be allowed inside churches without masks, he stipulated that each parish should have officials at the doors to check every individual for proof of vaccination. These people—who will block the doors to those who are unmasked and undocumented—are identified as “the parish’s greeter/hospitality team.” Some greeting; some hospitality.

Unless I’m much mistaken, these “greeters” will not be asking parishioners to show the results of their latest tuberculosis tests. They won’t quiz people about other legitimate public-health concerns (“Do you smoke? Take intravenous drugs? Engage in sexual practices known to spread disease?”). They will have one, and only one, medical concern: the single test ordered by Cardinal Cupich in his capacity as a public-health official. But the cardinal is not a public-health official. He is a bishop of the Catholic Church, who should have other concerns.

So if the parish guards (let’s use honest language) are deciding which people should be allowed into the church, aren’t there more important questions that they might ask? For instance: “Are you party to an invalid marriage?” Or: “Have you voted to support legal abortion?”
I've noted before how the COVID rules seem completely divorced from other "public health" concerns. We didn't prohibit multiple faggots from getting together in the 80s: how many have been murdered by the likes of Faggot Phair in Edmonton's bathhouses? Lawler continues:
Cardinal Cupich has also recently been leading the charge to block a discussion of Eucharistic coherence, currently scheduled to take place at the US bishops’ meeting in June. He and other bishops have argued that the discussion should not take place, because the American bishops lack the “high standard of consensus” that would be required for a strong statement on the issue.

Now explain to me, please, how the US bishops’ conference can develop that “high standard of consensus,” if there is to be no discussion of the question. Clearly Cardinal Cupich and his allies are not being entirely forthright about their reasons for wanting to avoid the topic.
One also wonders when the "masking and vaccination" conference took place. After all, the Holy Reverend Anthony Fauci only made his proclamation a dozen or so days before Cupich's own "strong statement" on the issue.
Above all, Cardinal Cupich and his allies do not want “dialogue” on this issue. For all their insistence on open discussion, it is an open discussion that they are doing their utmost to thwart. The incessant calls for “dialogue” are a smokescreen: an attempt to ensure that the issue will remain unresolved indefinitely.

The proponents of this inauthentic “dialogue” argue that instead of upholding the perennial teaching of the Church, instead of fulfilling the clear demands of canon law, pastors should engage in quiet, personal conversations with those prominent Catholics who support the slaughter of the unborn. There is, of course, no reason why a pastor cannot undertake that dialogue and fulfill his canonical duties. But again there is a deeper point at issue.

In nearly 50 years since the Roe v. Wade decision, some of this country’s most prominent Catholic politicians have grown steadily more forthright in their support for unrestricted legal abortion on demand. While bishops trumpet the need for ever more “dialogue,” politicians scoff at the Church’s moral law, and denigrate those who uphold it. Show me one case of an active Catholic politician who has repented of his support for abortion, and embraced the pro-life cause, after a quiet conversation with his bishop. Just one case, and I’ll take the argument for “dialogue” a bit more seriously.
Again this is a topic we've covered many a time before: those who claim to want a "dialogue" don't want any actual dialogue. "We need to talk about racism in the NHL...but if you want to challenge our baseless accusations you're out of luck."