@Natslife_blog - only one of those three things is worth being proud of

Natalie isn't 100% wrong. People do get grouped, though it's always important to understand the difference between sensible and ridiculous groupings. If you're trying to figure out why your store keeps getting robbed in Compton, "tall people" and "short people" aren't very useful metrics. Negros versus non-negros on the other hand...

People can move between groups too, of course. Harvey Milk used to be in the category of "sadly alive" and now he's in the category of "gloriously dead where maggots devour his disgusting carcass and hopefully don't get an STD". Daniel Vogelbach used to be in the group called "Seattle Mariners" and now he's in the group called "Milwaukee Brewers". Rick Allan Rhoades used to be in the category called "free and innocent" and then moved into the category of "free and guilty" and then the category of "captured and guilty" and soon the category of "executed and guilty".

Still, if Natalie had a modicum of respect she'd be regretful that anybody would call her a dyke, even though she is one. After all, that grouping is caused entirely by her poor decision making: had she rejected that sick lifestyle choice nobody would have to call her one.

She's also a woman, and that's not the greatest thing in the world either. After all, chicks be crazy (even the ones who don't choose an evil sexual orientation) and it's probably not wise to jump up and down championing that from the rooftops.

And yes, she's also white. That's pretty good on her part, though I'm sure if we took a vote we would happily kick her out if possible. After all, she's so retarded she doesn't think racism against whites "counts" as racism because power structure yadda yadda yadda, and while we expect that sloppy logic from dykes it really brings the average of the rest of the race down.

Two of her three self-identifying categories gives her more rights and privileges that she deserves, and one gives her less: yet that's the one she self-degrades. See what level of sickness leads to (or stems from) rejecting the superior heterosexual lifestyle?