@mrobmused @sjdemas - Viro Fascism replaced the straight arm salute with ditto marks around fundamental human rights

Both of the two women in these tweets above are outright lying. Why is it the Viro Fascist urge to make stuff up?

Was there much evidence that "voluntary compliance" was going to be insufficient at achieving Michigan's public health goals? That's what "we can't afford to expect voluntary compliance" implies, of course: that the cost of "voluntary compliance" was so high versus the (free, in the retarded brains of these chicks) cost of "mandatory compliance".

That there was no evidence of these ridiculous claims in April 2020, or April 2021, or now in July 2021 doesn't deter them of course. Viro Fascists like Sue Demas and Michelle Robinson aren't interested in weighing the pros and cons of various public policy initiatives. They just insist on controlling your life, and are using Chairman Xi's ineffective bioweapon as their excuse to do it.

Which is why the deceit comes baked into the tin. After all, Michelle is part of this "putting quote marks around human rights makes the rights disappear" crowd. Freedom of association is flat out a fundamental human right, as it's a logical corollary from the only real human right: the right to own property. As a result, you have the right to join a sports group with other people interested in freely joining this sports group, and you have the right to assemble on property you have agreed to be permitted on to play them. Governments flat out do not have the right in free society to stop you.

I understand most readers at this point wonder why I'm even bringing this up. This is all basic stuff.

Except for Viro Fascists. They are either too retarded or too evil to agree. Guess which category the two bitches tweeting up top fall into?