Flashback: C-30 (Internet monitoring of bullying)

As I'm sure you've heard, the disgusting Trudeau Liberals are proposing internet speech controls with the full support of the mainstream media.

They didn't used to support laws about police access to tech company info, but they did used to have two different contemporary opinions about questionable laws. Contrast the language used to discuss this piece of intrusive big-government...
The bill also forces tech providers to provide police with a “back door” for easy surveillance. It also lets police get warrants to track any information sent online, who sent it and from where, and will let courts force other parties to preserve electronic evidence. This last one rather sums up the terror of this new law. While we anguish over Facebook and Google’s increasingly blatant use and storage of our online lives, we’re blind to the ultimate destination of this information. It can now go straight to the cop who asks for it. As the NDP’s Charlie Angus put it, it gives the police a licence for fishing expeditions into all “private communications,” the all-inclusive term used in the bill. Cellphones would become an “electronic prisoner’s bracelet,” Angus said.
With this one...
Brampton MP Parm Gill has introduced proposed changes to the Criminal Code that would make gang recruitment a crime and offer tougher penalties for trying to enlist young gang members.
Gill introduced his private member’s bill in the House of Commons Monday. If passed, Bill C-394 would make recruitment efforts for any type of criminal organization a criminal offence. It would also establish penalty guidelines for those convicted of recruiting and a minimum penalty for recruiting anyone under the age of 18

Not a lot of talk about "terror" anymore is there?

 As the proposed bill begins its long and uncertain journey through the House of Commons approval process, Gill invites the community become part of a discussion on the issue of gangs and gang recruitment. Residents can participate on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ParmGillGangRecruitment and on Twitter using the #EndGangs hashtag.