This is the time at SDA Third Edge of the Sword where we juxtapose!

I thought I'd take a nice little break and look at some pairs of news stories.

Today snow fell in Southern Alberta. Hey, do you think maybe Calgary councillor Sean Chu might be owed an apology?

Mark Steyn talked about this on the Rush Limbaugh show today: a security-clearanced worker at the Minneapolis Airport has died overseas fighting on behalf of ISIS. He was originally from Somali, and there's a large Somalian contingent in the Twin Cities. With the news also that ISIS has been recruiting various Calgarians for their cause as well, is it worth asking if there's been any ISIS defectors from Edmonton's very very large Somalian community? Maybe more to the point, are there a lot of them working security at the Edmonton International Airport? There were more than just Sudanese supposedly coming here to make this city their "Safe Haven" and then bringing crime.

Finally, President Monkey hopes that NATO can send Russia a message. Unfortunately, Putin chose today to already send a message: he has a 7-point cease-fire plan for Ukraine which basically is the word "surrender" seven times over.