Its a True Crime

Last week I picked up a new game for my Xbox, True Crime: New York City. I've been to Manhattan, so there's something oddly enjoyable about being able to drive the actual streets of New York's most urban borough. Of course, the landmarks aren't all there so you lose out a bit with that... you won't drive past the Empire State building or the Ed Sullivan Theatre. Maybe in 15 years time the Playstation 5 will debut with "True Crime 9" featuring an ultra-realistic New York City featuring all 5 boroughs and a city so accurate that the hot dog stands are even in the right places. Until then, this is all we can do. True Crime LA is another game I'm interested in because I've never been to Los Angeles, and I certainly wouldn't mind moving there (I've done a small amount of active job hunting). It wouldn't be a bad thing to know the roads before I even arrive...

Trouble is, of course, that playing Xbox is for the next few days more important than friends/family/hygene/work. This is why I don't gamble or do drugs... I fear I already have an addictive personality and don't wish to start any new lifestyle changes that completely ruin my life (as it is). I already find that if I don't spend half my day cleaning my apartment, I spend it instead on the internet [only half? -ed]. Not even doing anything, for crying out loud! I mean, I re-read my own blog!