3rd Edge of the Sword Baseball Pool Announcement

Well, I did some checking into the fantasy baseball options from MLB.com. They all cost money. Like a lot of money. Like what the hell?

MLB.com and RotoWire.com both cost between $70 and $120 -- U.S. dollars, mind you. Meanwhile my first option, Yahoo Fantasy Baseball, is free. Go figure. So guess where the Official Third Edge of the Sword League is going to be hosted? That's right:

Visit this page to sign up for the free Third Edge of the Sword Baseball League. (Yahoo ID required)

At the prompt, type:

League ID: 48452
Password: anncoulter
And then name your team and you're in. The league draft will be held Tuesday March 28 2:30pm MST (Edmonton time).

In other news, blogger.com decided to highlight Rick Mercer's Blog since apparently an overrated CBC "celebrity" needs further endorsement beyond the $1.1 billion the national broadcaster spends in a year (and of which approximately 93% of it seems directed to shows involving Rick Mercer). What's the first thing I see on his blog? A photoshopped Gilles Duceppe making him a male ballerina. Rick Mercer gay? Whodda thunk it?

Worse yet, Rick's blog hasn't been updated since January 30th! When the hell did that warrant a notice? Of course, they highlight a bunch of crappy pictures of food with no meat in another favourite blog, so you just can't win.

The feminazis have won another one: Larry Summers is being forced out as Harvard President.

"The connection was refused when attempting to contact www.colbycosh.com." Weird.

"The St. Louis Cardinals: The Indiana Colts of Baseball. The Chicago Cubs: The Chicago Cubs of Baseball."