Sunday Smorgasboard

First off, apologies on holding off on the baseball pool for a couple more days, but my work schedule over the weekend turned out to be different than I thought originally, and I wasn't prepared for the night/day shift changes.

Where to start? First off we can note that Edmonton-cum-Seattle leftist windbag Stephen Notley did a Mohammed-themed cartoon on Friday. Edmonton's VUE-weekly, naturally, failed to print it. Matthew Good is impressed, I'll wager.

Colby Cosh isn't though: he's spending his weekend trashing the United Church for anti-Semitism using the church's own logic against it. Disclosure is popular these days, so I'll mention that my family used to be United Church regulars until my father pulled us out over the 1988 decision to ordain fudge-packing ministers.

Speaking of the subject, this article about a girl's use of an offensive t-shirt during school photos fails to mention whether she is or is not a carpet muncher (and/or why her Mom bought her that shirt at 15 years old).

Since we're talking about women anyways, why not observe that the new James Bond is a pussy.

Also on the subject, yesterday ED (the throwaway "artsy" rag in every Saturday Journal) had a story on a registered nurse giving $85 courses in the proper method of giving fellatio. Not meaning to complain, but its hard enough to get a wife or girlfriend to take a cooking course!

There are some good women out there. You know, all the smoking hot mathematician actresses?

Topped off with sad news, Andreas Katsulas has died.

A Javahead post on this Shotgun thread reminded readers of a wonderful World War II story: 50,000 Danes, including their King, wore the yellow stars demanded by Hitler to be worn by all Danish Jews. The account isn't true per se, but it is a wonderful story.

Austrailia's Prime Minister is taking on Arab immigration in a big way. Poor bastard.

In another shameful use of this blog to make it easier for me to watch a baseball game over 2 days, I'm starting to watch the June 21st/05 tet-a-tet between the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the New York Yankees of Harlem. Just in time for Yankee so-so Alex Rodriguez to be slammed by World Series winning louse Ozzie Guillen.

In my absolute sole Olympic posting today, the $100-million Team Canada was embarassed by the Swiss. Ouch.

Just saw a pre-game ad for the YES Yankee-fan roadtrip. 16 cities, 162 games. Only 16 cities?? New York is one, obviously. Boston, Baltimore, Toronto, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Anaheim, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Oakland, Minneapolis, and Arlington. That's the 14 A.L. cities. Did the Yankees only play 2 away interleague games? I would have thought it obvious that the Evil Empire should play all their interleague games in other burgs for the thrill that these teams fans would receive. Its the New York Yankees playing in Denver! (or St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, etc) The only home games the Yankees should ever play interleague would be the Cubs (though the Yankees in Wrigley is worth an extra million viewers right there), the Dodgers, and perhaps Washington/San Fran (where their "twin cities" host the Yankees already).

Slashdot has a thread about the melting of glaciers in Greenland. The global warming devotees would be wise to recall what it means when glaciers aren't retreating: a friggin' ice age!

Likewise this thread about "politically incorrect" science fairs works better when nobody realizes which side of the political spectrum is responsible for political correctness.

Apparently the Daytona 500 is a curse for the stocks of the company who's sponsored car wins. Take that, NWT Diamond Mine investment J_____!

Wired.com takes on the illiterate spelling of teenage girls these days. Slashdot contributes a little illiteracy of their own.

Photo Radar in the City of Champions will continue in earnest despite the 6 years of bribery the Edmonton Police Service took and the false information they provided to city council. Great. Guess I'll have to continue my campaign against photo radar (keep yours eyes peeled: pictures of the photo radar vans). Also this Shaw.ca site takes on photo radar far more dedicatedly.