Love is in the (Air/Water/Fire/Earth)

Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow? Done.

Heather Locklear and her gay rocker husband Richie Sambora? Done.

Ralph Fiennes and whoever is married to Ralph Fiennes? Done.

Kelly Clarkson and somebody who actually writes songs and then sings them? Done.

So of the above couples, which one was the snorer? Discuss.

It makes a certain amount of sense...January is the prime breakup month. The trick, you see, is to break up long enough after Christmas to be allowed to keep the presents, but far enough before Valentines Day (Read the 5 reasons men break relationships off... very true, very true) to avoid being a heartless asshole.

Here's an interesting idea: you're supposed to spend St. Valentine's Day this year breaking off a meaningful relationship that has enriched your life in countless ways.

Oh, and next in line for the celebrity breakup dealie? Jay Mohr and Nikki Cox.