Margaret, we love you!

Denmark's Queen Margrethe II spoke out against Islam last year. I wonder how Imam Syed Soharwardy, President of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada feels about that: he expressed joy that such cartoons are illegal in this country.

You happy now, stupid liberal-left hate-law passers? You've succeeded in being more restrictive of the press than the Europeans!

I've put the offensive pictures up here on the blog. This trackback link to Michelle Malkin's Blogburst on the subject might just get me part of a trend. That's almost cool. Almost.

Also here you might enjoy another cartoon involving a famous Muslim and the virgins in heaven:

Final score in the Dodgers Game: Padres 8, Dodgers 3. Of course, had I read the webpage linked to below I'd already know that.

Bill Clinton, the former US President, added his voice, telling a conference in Qatar that he feared anti-Semitism would be replaced with anti-Islamic prejudice. He condemned “these totally outrageous cartoons against Islam”.

Hey Bill, now might be a good time to shut up, lest we remember that we're hosting your impeached adulterous ass, and there are a hell of a lot more Danes here than people who would care to see you. (Disclaimer: Sadly, this is probably inaccurate)

Just out of curiosity, I thought I'd skip on over to Eugene Plawiuk's popup-causing bloated computer-crashing blog to see what stupid thoughts Edmonton's favourite bashable leftist came up with: it turns out that these Muslims with their "behead those who blaspheme Islam" signs are doing the exact same thing as Christians who petitioned NBC to cancel that stupid Book of Daniel show. Who knew? Also that the Muslim reaction was again basically the same thing as Republicans in the U.S. trying to end federal funding for perverse art.

As a bonus, Plawiuk supports entitlement payouts to David Dingwall after it seems he was indeed fired for abuse of priviledge. Everybody sing "Solidarity Forever" now!

Who's the funniest Albertan? Leslie Neilsen? (Even though he was born in Regina?) Michael J. Fox? (Even though he grew up in Vancouver?) Three Dead Trolls? Tommy Chong? Some Calgarian comedians I don't know about? Kevin Taft?

No, but the last one is close (it is a Liberal after all!). The funniest Albertan is this guy????

Banks are considering changing the due date of credit card bills that are paid on time too often. Okay, that's just sickeningly stupid. If that's not enough, you might soon have to pay a tax on airfare for in the event of your carrier going belly under. This is a good time to recommend this episode of South Park, where Mr. Garrison invents a replacement for the airlines.