How do you define comeback???

How about 20-11 final score for the Yankees versus the Devil Rays? Wow. That was quite the game to randomly choose. I picked a mid-month game, and I hadn't watched much in June, so the June 21st date just came to me. I know that NYY-Tampa games last year were a source of much agonizing for Yankee fans, and figured I should watch the game. Holy crap.

It was 7-1 by the time Big Unit stepped off the mound. 10-2 after 4 innings. The Yankees came back to make it 10-7, but the D-Rays hit another run in. But then the bottom of the 8th inning was underway:

The game's box score tells it all:
- R. Sierra grounded out to second, R. Cano scored, D. Jeter to second
- A. Rodriguez singled to left, D. Jeter scored, G. Sheffield to second
- H. Matsui doubled to deep right, G. Sheffield scored, A. Rodriguez to third
- B. Williams tripled to deep center, A. Rodriguez, H. Matsui and R. Johnson scored
- J. Posada homered to deep right, B. Williams scored
- G. Sheffield homered to deep left, D. Jeter and R. Sierra scored
- A. Rodriguez homered to deep right
- H. Matsui homered to deep center

This would be an impressive game. It's all in the bottom of the 8th inning. Nunez and Harper got positively lit up. All in all, an amazing offensive result...especially with Randy Johnson starting against a Hall-of-Famer.

Now onto the next game: Sticking to the success of choosing the 21st, I'm going to the May 21 game from Toronto where the Washington Nationals (nee Montreal Expositions) play the Hogtown Blue Jays.