@AuntTifa_419 - you fascist pinkcoats still can't answer the Spanish question

As we've mentioned before, this "everybody who fought the German Empire and her allies in World War Two were anti-fascist and therefore Antifa" is lazy and retarded. Auntie T is just the latest in a long line who make a couple rather basic categorical errors. There are an awfully large number of American (as well as a smaller number of British and Canadian) soldiers in WWII who never went anywhere near a soldier fighting for Adolf Hitler: the Japanese certainly weren't fascist: in fact, there was a fascist political party operating in Japan opposing the conservative government throughout WWII: unsurprisingly attacking from the left.

So as always, here are the two basic questions Auntie T and her ilk need to be able to answer:

  1. When "neo Nazis" first appeared on the scene in the 70s, why did none of these WWII vets get particularly worked up? Indeed how come nobody had ever heard of this "antifa" thing even then? Isn't curious your little "Antifa" organization of terrorists only started after almost all actual WW2 vets died?
  2. If your European Theatre WWII ancestors were so Antifa that they "fought fascism" why did they twice sail past fascist Spain without nary a second thought?