@FleggDerek - If the RCMP could do both that jackpine savage would have been flogged in jail, not stabbing across the prairie

Derek isn't as good as a Freedom Convoy supporter. This inferiority complex of his is unfortunately causing him to lash out at people who notice that the same RCMP who made mistake after mistake during the Nova Scotia shootings of 2020, and who have been under fire for not correcting any of the issues discovered from previous screwups, clearly can't both persecute Tamara Lich for the crime of holding a successful political protest and also take actions to keep uncivilized Red Indians from killing people.

They literally couldn't do both, they could only do one. You'd think that after being so incredibly incorrect in his first sentence that Derek would realize his mistake and stop, but no he didn't. He then went on to accuse Lich of having something called Oppositional Defiant Disorder based solely on the face that she...checks notes...committed civil disobedience in order to try and persuade the government to change a policy she disagreed with.

Shit, every nigger in America apparently has it.

It's worth noting that the (presumably) banned conservative Derek was replying to apparently made a small error by singling out the RCMP. After all, the RCMP isn't who let Myles Sanderson out of jail, they just turtled after it started with the same politically correct bullshit that they usually do these days to protect Red Indian criminals from political wrongspeak being directed against them by their (usually white but not in this case) victims. That would be the broken parole system, aided by dozens of judges who -- inspired by R. v Gladue -- never gave Sanderson the penalties a white defendant would have been assigned. Indeed, for Derek's mindless "crackhead" comment it seems that Myles Sanderson had (surprise surprise) a drug and alcohol problem that the justice system kept hoping he would cure himself of in between early releases. He certainly didn't take his meds, and we can take our usual guesses about how much schoolin' he attended.

Oddly enough, when Metis Lich was in the sights of the justice system, Gladue had never been heard of before. Inferior pieces of trash like Derek didn't waste any time accusing her of having a longrunning psychological disorder just because she opposed the greatest discrimination of our time. She was given outrageous bail conditions and then on the flimsiest of pretenses Ottawa police flew across the country to re-arrest her, resulting in her pre-trial prison sentence exceeding that of every environmental activist arrested this decade. And then Derek accuses her of being "spiteful and vindictive?"