Does Robert Remington have to submit to a breathalyzer before typing?

I want you to read Robert Remington's absolutely shitty blog entry today on the Wildrose opposition to Red Redford's drunk driving plan (soon to be covered in this very space).

Now, filter it against this:

According to sociology professor David Hanson, the test doesn't just pick up on food molecules, either -- people who have been painting a wall can test as intoxicated without ever drinking any alcohol. Breathalyzer results can also show false readings because of "alcohol, blood or vomit in the subject's mouth, electrical interference from cell phones and police radios, tobacco smoke, dirt, and moisture." Tests of the subject's actual blood, not their breath, produced accurate results in these investigations -- but the breathalyzer could be amazingly inaccurate.
So when Danielle Smith said you could have your car impounded for having just a sip of wine, she was exaggerating by exactly one sip.