Conscience Rights and the one-dimensional attacks against Wildrose

It’s been a long campaign, hasn’t it? It started in late March, and in April really ramped up. Third Edge of the Sword has been leading this charge, bringing you huge amounts of content letting you know why the “Progressive” “Conservative” Party needs to be removed from power, and why Alison “Red” Redford needs to be kicked out of the Premier’s chair before she can do anymore damage.

We’ve talked about their abysmal record on traffic policy, with stupid new laws related to both “distracted” and “drunk” driving. For those freaking out that Danielle Smith is so “anti-science” that she hasn’t sold her SUV and started wearing animal dung instead of polyester in deference to a theory of “global warming”, you’re still awfully silent on the “Progressive” “Conservative”s abandoning any actual science on those files. When Red Redford’s nanny-state hobby horses are involved, damn the science. We also covered red light cameras and photo radar.

We’ve talked about their weird legislative efforts at shutting down the hospitality industry. Along with “drunk driving” changes, they have increased prices for drinks so that only the elite can afford to drink regularly. Oh, and the violent people who are causing problems – including of course gangs – aren’t really affected by this. Similarly, they’ve decided to bring in an anti-gang initiative that lets criminal enterprises violate your privacy rights and tell police who need to be let in and kept out of bars.

We’ve talked about the money they’ve been spending: wasting money on teachers and increasing your taxes to do it. We’ve talked about how Red Redford’s government has been wrecking the economy by tearing up contracts that they disagree with.

In the meantime, we’ve talked about their impositions on your freedom, both your freedom to protect yourself from violence and your freedom to educate your children how you see fit. We’ve talked about their arrogant belief that you shouldn’t be allowed to defend yourself on your property.

We've defended private healthcare and attacked some far-left hobby horses, as well as highlighting a very personal problem.

We’ve talked about their horrendous decision to invent a human right to effeminence, talked about their mishandling of powerlines, and even brought up their bizarre decision to sacrifice people with medical conditions in the name of service animals.

We've had some fun too, with giving the official blog endorsements on a riding-by-riding level, presented a dream Facebook invite, expressing support for Wildrose candidate Hunsperger, drafting Ralph Klein, liveblogging the debate, making a YouTube farewell video, and taking a .22 to a picture of Red Redford herself. All in all, we've fulfilled the promise we made to you in March and fought against the Redford goal of pussifying our society.

We've also covered Redford's coverup of illegal campaign donations, Redford's attacks on religious beliefs, Lukaszuk's possible lying about houses, a bizarre thing to be upset about Wildrose for in campaign ads, an outrageous "I'm voting PC video", attacked the Alberta Liberal's opinion on taxation, and defending Ron Leech.

We also talked, early on in the campaign, about Conscience Rights. Conscience Rights came about, as I’m sure several of you know, when Edmonton blogger KikkiPlanet decided that because Wildrose supported Conscience Rights, that she could no longer support the party. A little irrational, you might say, but that’s what happens when people let the sodomite agenda continue unabated in our province. Anyways, her little rant got all the usual progressives in the fagosphere up in arms, resulting in sympathetic articles in queer-friendly newspapers and the rest of the mainstream media.

So KikkiPlanet got to talk about Conscience Rights, which of course the “Progressive” “Conservative” Party also supports…or at least supported enough to put into legislation. The NDP and the Liberals and the Alberta Party all vow to oppose Conscience Rights, which is a little odd since the Supreme Court of Canada has made it very clear that their interpretation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms requires Conscience Rights in at least some form are required by provincial governments and since the 5-year timeframe for the Notwithstanding Clause has expired, no government (Liberal, NDP, “Progressive Conservative”, Wildrose, or fake-Alberta Party) can ever take those away. If Brian Mason was Premier tomorrow, in 2016 his government would honour Conscience Rights for doctors. A Wildrose government may be able to expand this to include marriage commissioners, but they certainly couldn’t remove the existing rights if they wanted to.

So that makes it a pretty much dead issue. Except KikkiPlanet is still talking about Conscience Rights. And still. And still. (oh, wait, brief anger about "intolereance" from somebody who can't handle the word 'retarded'.). And then back to Conscience Rights. And still. And still. This makes this hot topic, which has excited newsmedia and far-left bloggers and Red Redford partisans, a single dead issue. This is pretty much all she’s got. She’ll worry about the entirely true things said by Alan Hunsperger, but as soon as she can she’ll turn it back to Conscience Rights.

While Third Edge of the Sword has been talking about a wide variety of topics this election, the various crimes against the people of Alberta that have been perpetrated by the “Progressive” “Conservative” Party, all KikkiPlanet and her sodomist-loving pals have had is this one irrelevant issue.

Even if you’re dumb enough to think it was important in the first place, you probably can’t justify it overruling every other concern. The election is tomorrow. Get that loathsome woman out of the Premier's chair.