"You know, in certain older civilized cultures, when men failed as entirely as you have, they would throw themselves on their swords."

In February, mc79hockey revealed that the Edmonton Oilers were poised to be the worst team since the lockout.

How have the Oilers fared?

Disastrously. In the competition for the title of “Worst Team of the CBA”, they’ve managed to mathematically eliminate 27 teams from the competition, with 24 games left in the life of this CBA. The Oilers magic number to eliminate the Islanders and Blue Jackets and clinch the title is 42 points – any number of Oilers points dropped and Isles and Jackets points gained adding up to 42 and the Oilers clinch.
Last night, mc79hockey tweeted that...

Yes, with that, your Edmonton Oilers -- who reached the Stanley Cup Final during this time period -- get the worst record over the "life of the CBA. (Toronto is the only team in this same period never to make the playoffs). The agreement ends in September and apparently talks are set to take place over the summer. There may be a temporary one-or-two year deal at basically the same terms as the current CBA, though that's uncertain.

In the meanwhile, though, the Oilers are tops. Second-worst in that time period? Columbus, who learned everything about management they know from Kevin Lowe.