Every Alberta Riding: 2012 Election endorsements

With the provincial election just three days away, this is a good time in the tail end of this short yet grueling campaign to look at each riding in Alberta and hook you up with the official endorsement from Third Edge of the Sword:

  • Edmonton:
    Edmonton-Beverly-Clareview: Don Martin, Wildrose

    Edmonton-Calder: Rich Neumann, Wildrose.
    The last thing we need is David Eggen in the legislature trying to promote his moronic idea that a government run healthcare system can exist without politics interfering in health decisions (ie. what governments do)

    Edmonton-Centre: Barb de Groot, Wildrose.
    Then all we have to do is boot Mr. Laurie Blakeman from Edmonton City Council and we'll have the clean sweep.

    Edmonton-Glenora: Don Koziak, Wildrose.
    Perhaps after this win, we can finally retire Ray Martin who stood for his first election in 1634 at the behest of Charles I.

    Edmonton-Gold Bar: Linda Carlson, Wildrose

    Edmonton-Highlands-Norwood: Wayde Lever, Wildrose
    The idea that Brian Mason's seat isn't safe in the upcoming Wildrose storm is really a beautiful one, isn't it? Again, he's the moron of the crowd.

    Edmonton-Mill Creek: Adam Corsaut, Wildrose.

    Edmonton-Mill Woods: Joanne Autio, Wildrose.
    Bonus points in this riding if Carl Benito gets more votes than the PC candidate, Sohail Quadri

    Edmonton-Riverview: John Corie, Wildrose.

    Edmonton-Rutherford: Kyle McLeod, Wildrose.

    Edmonton-Strathcona: Meagen LaFave, Wildrose.
    Rachel Notley , Edmonton's second most offensive politician, is famous for defending AISH leaches.
  • Edmonton area:
    Edmonton-Castle Downs: John Oplanich, Wildrose.
    Make Al Michalchuk proud.

    Edmonton-Decore: Chris Bataluk, Wildrose.

    Edmonton-Ellerslie: Jackie Lovely, Wildrose.
    Though Athena Bernal-Born gets an honourable mention for mentioning specific beliefs she has even less than the Alberta Party does!

    Edmonton-Manning: Peter Rodd, Wildrose.

    Edmonton-McClung: Peter Janisz, Wildrose.

    Edmonton-Meadowlark: Rick Newcombe, Wildrose.
    Do you really want your MLA to have a mental condition?

    Edmonton-South West: Allan Hunsperger, Wildrose.
    Words can just not express how awesome it is that this guy sends liberals into wild apoplectic fury.

    Edmonton-Whitemud: Ian Crawford, Wildrose.

    Sherwood Park: Gordon Barrett, Social Credit.
    One of our rare non-Wildrose entries on this list, it's important to keep some SoCreds around just for when Danielle's party starts veering to the left. James Ford is also running as an Independent and would be an excellent second choice.

    St. Albert: James Burrows, Wildrose.
  • Calgary:
    Calgary-Acadia: Richard Jones, Wildrose.
    Outgoing Solicitor General Jonathon Denis, by the way, still hasn't replied to my question on Twitter as to why he's okay with police taking marching orders from the Hell's Angels.

    Calgary-Buffalo: Mike Blanchard, Wildrose.

    Calgary-Cross: Happy Mann, Wildrose.
    Honestly, isn't this the greatest name for a campaigner ever?

    Calgary-Currie: Corrie Adolph, Wildrose.

    Calgary-East: Jesse Minhas, Wildrorse.

    Calgary-Elbow: James Cole, Wildrose.
    Red Redford loses her seat. Honestly, I'd just gush.

    Calgary-Fish Creek: Heather Forsyth, Wildrose.

    Calgary-Fort: Jeevan Mangat, Wildrose.

    Calgary-Glenmore: Paul Hinman, Wildrose.

    Calgary-Klein: Jeremy Nixon, Wildrose.
    "Nixon beats Fawcett" is a beautifully old-school headline, ain't it?

    Calgary-Mountain View: Shane McAllister, Wildrose.
    A chance to defeat fake doctor David Swann

    Calgary-Varsity: Rob Solinger, Wildrose.
  • Calgary area:
    Calgary-Bow: Tim Dyck, Wildrose.

    Calgary-Foothills: Dustin Nau, Wildrose.

    Calgary-Greenway: Ron Leech, Wildrose.
    Seriously, you gonna vote for a "Manmeet Bhullar" or a "Iqtidar Awan" in the hopes of keeping your alcohol-related rights? Pick whitey.

    Calgary-Hawkwood: Len Skowronski, Social Credit.

    Calgary-Hays: Wayne Anderson, Wildrose.

    Calgary-Lougheed: John Carpay, Wildrose.
    Vote for John on his tax policy alone! The other good stuff is all just a bonus.

    Calgary-Mackay-Nose Hill: Roy Alexander, Wildrose.

    Calgary-McCall: Grant Galpin, Wildrose.

    Calgary-North West: Chris Challis, Wildrose.

    Calgary-Northern Hills: Prasad Panda, Wildrose.

    Calgary-Shaw: Jeff Wilson, Wildrose.

    Calgary-South East: Bill Jarvis, Wildrose.

    Calgary-West: Andrew Constantinidis, Wildrose.
    He'd certainly never win on a write-in ballot campaign.

    Chestermere-Rocky View: Bruce McAllister, Wildrose.
    What's with all the McAllisters?
  • Southern Alberta:
    Airdrie: Jeff Willerton, Independent.
    I can't say I've always been a big Rob Anderson fan. I did like Jeff Willerton though, and it's always good to see more strongly principled conservatives in the legislature keeping Danielle Smith's leftish tendencies at bay.

    Banff-Cochrane: Tom Copithorne, Wildrose.

    Cardston-Taber-Warner: Gary Bikman, Wildrose.

    Cypress-Medicine Hat: Drew Barnes, Wildrose.

    Highwood: Danielle Smith, Wildrose.
    Actually, vote often in this one, she may (Don Getty style) win the election but not her own riding.

    Lethbridge-East: Kent Prestage, Wildrose.

    Lethbridge-West: Kevin Kinahan, Wildrose.

    Little Bow: Ian Donovan, Wildrose.

    Livingstone-Macleod: Pat Stier, Wildrose.

    Medicine Hat: Blake Pedersen, Wildrose.

    Strathmore-Brooks: Glen Dundas, Separation Party of Alberta
    Currently the only separatist candidate running for the Alberta Legislature. But as this blog's spiritual leader once said, once the avalanche has started it will be too late for the pebbles to vote.
  • Central Alberta:
    Battle River-Wainwright: Dave Nelson, Wildrose.
    Humiliate coward Alberta Party candidate Midge Lambert. It'll be a hoot, I promise.

    Drayton Valley-Devon: Dean Shular, Wildrose.

    Drumheller-Stettler: Rick Strankman, Wildrose:

    Fort Saskatchewan-Vegreville: Shannon Stubbs, Wildrose.

    Innisfail-Sylvan Lake: Kerry Towle, Wildrose.

    Lacombe-Ponoka: Rod Fox, Wildrose.
    Not Red Fox, tragically.

    Leduc-Beaumont: David Stasiewich, Wildrose.

    Olds-Didsbury-Three Hills: Bruce Rowe, Wildrose.

    Red Deer-North: Randy Weins, Wildrose.

    Red Deer-South: Nathan Stephan, Wildrose.

    Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre: Ty Lund, Progressive Conservative.
    Now this one's super-rare. In this case though, Loopy Joe Anglin (who was once considered too unelectable and extremist left-wing for the Alberta NDP) is nowhere near as strong a conservative candidate as Ty Lund.

    Spruce Grove-St. Albert: Travis Hughes, Wildrose.
    Fun fact: the NDP are actually running a Trudeau in this riding.

    Stony Plain: Hal Tagg, Wildrose.

    Strathcona-Sherwood Park: Paul Nemetchek, Wildrose.

    Vermilion-Lloydminster: Richard Yaceyko, Independent.
    In the all candidates forum he mopped the floor with the opposition while Wildroser Danny Hozack talked about how much he respected the PCs. Hilariously, the Alberta Party candidate's car ran out of gas on her way to the forum so she missed it.

    West Yellowhead: Stuart Taylor, Wildrose.
    In the "battle of the Taylors" there's no reason to support the useless twit from the Alberta Party.

    Wetaskiwin-Camrose: Trevor Miller, Wildrose.

    Whitecourt-Ste. Anne: Maryann Chichak, Wildrose.
  • Northern Alberta:
    Athabasca-Sturgeon-Redwater: Travis Olson, Wildrose.

    Barrhead-Morinville-Westlock: Link Byfield, Wildrose.
    If you're still mad about Alberta Report folding and keeping your subscription money you'd paid out a week ahead of time, and I know a lot of you are, you'll just have to stay home this election. There are no good second choices here.

    Bonnyville-Cold Lake: Roy Doonanco, Wildrose.

    Dunvegan-Central Peace-Notley: Kelly Hudson, Wildrose.
    Bonus points to anybody who can guess why Grant Notley's daughter wouldn't dare run in Daddy's old seat.

    Fort McMurray-Conklin: Doug Faulkner, Wildrose.

    Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo: Guy Boutilier, Wildrose.
    Even know, like Doctor Raj, he's a few sandwiches short of a delicatessen.

    Grande Prairie-Smoky: Todd Loewen, Wildrose.

    Grande Prairie-Wapiti: Anthony Barendregt, Independent.
    "We have a conservative flag and I think it's a lot worse than socialism. I think we're heading toward communism here." is an awesome line from this guy. Okay, his herbal medicine thing is a little weak though. If you have cancer, vote for Wildrose's Ethane Jarvis

    Lac La Biche-St. Paul-Two Hills: Shayne Saskiw, Wildrose.

    Lesser Slave Lake: Darryl Boisson, Wildrose.
    Sadly, no relation.

    Peace River: Alan Forsyth, Wildrose.
There you have it, Alberta! No matter where in this great province you live, you know are armed with the knowledge of who does and does not deserve your support.