Adolf Hitler is an awesome writer

From the Washington Post: "German state prepares for “Mein Kampf” copyright expiry
While “Mein Kampf” isn’t actually banned in Germany, Bavaria has over the years used its ownership of the copyright to block publication. But it acknowledges it won’t be able to once the copyright expires, 70 years after the author’s death.

Bavaria’s finance minister, Markus Soeder, said the idea of a version aimed at students — financed by the state government — was a reaction to concerns that the book will then be freely available and could circulate without commentary among young people, German news agency dapd reported.
As the post title states, Adolf Hitler is clearly an incredible writer. Unless his book is only available in a heavily annotated and bastardized [basterdized? -ed] form, the young children of Germany will again fall under his hypnotic spell, embracing judenhassen with renewed vigour.

In fairness, this isn't unique to the almost-70-years-deceased Fuhrer. We've seen that Karl Marx inspires a similar popularity and intense devotion in his readers, despite a couple centuries and a 10-figure body count teaching us how bankrupt his ideals are.

Of course, the Marxist philosophy fits in well with the warped mind of young students being taught by aged hippies insulated from the effects of the real world. Fortunately, no young people with warped minds are coming up the German pipeline...