Teemu vs. Teemu and a wildly violent Flyers/Penguins game

Two bits of excitement in the NHL today:

The small news is that in possible Teemu Selänne's final NHL game, he was upstaged by young Oiler forward Teemu Hartikainen who decided to score two goals, likely basking in the glory of a crowd chanting "Teemu Teemu" for probably the last time in his entire life. Meanwhile, The Nuge 2.0 is again tied for the Calder Trophy. He still should try to cement his win with a good 3-4 point game to finish off the season. The NHL awards voters really don't like players from the west, and with New Jersey's Adam Henrigue clamping on The Nuge 2.0's tail, I'm not entirely comfortable penciling his name onto the trophy.

The big news today was a wildly violent game where Philly beat their Penn-state rivals 6-4 (scoring 4 unanswered goals after being down 2-0) in which basically every goon on each team took turns beating up every star player on the opposing team. There was even coach-on-coach trash talking, Scott Hartnell vs. Hulk Hogan, and a couple bench clearing brawls.