An old forgotten thought about Wiebo Ludwig

About a year ago, I started making a little list about Albertans to make us proud to be rebellious gun owners. I got five of those names written down: Wiebo Ludwig, Oscar Lacombe, Brian Knight, Ted Byfield...and me, Feynman and Coulter's Love Child. I was hoping to get it to ten, but so far it just hasn't materialized. I probably shoulda just done 5. Rankings of course are Weibo, Ted, Oscar, Me, and then Brian.

With Weibo's death, Brian Knight making it into a recent post about the Wildrose Party, and Blogger telling me I had this post in 'draft' status, I thought it was time to revisit what I'd written about Weibo.

Wiebo Ludwig: Wiebo is hardly the most popular man in Alberta: when EnCana trailers were shot at by Ludwig in the 90s a man I know personally confronted him in mid afternoon (in Beaverlodge, I believe), and told him to his face that if anybody in the oilpatch was ever injured by random attacks, Ludwig would be shot right between the eyes. As always though there are two sides to everything, and the same people who react with glee picturing Wiebo Ludwig hung from a tree for so much as tampering with a wellhead are quick to defend him on an entirely different matter: the shooting death of Karman Willis. Teenagers may think its a harmless prank wardriving onto people's property late at night, but all any homeowner can envision is their kids getting run over. If Wiebo's story is true about kids tenting on the lawn (its Wiebo, so probably not, but we all remember the lawn campouts we did as kids), then the crime is that the family didn't hit the driver, not that they hit Willis instead. She had no business being on that property. She's dead. Notice local teens haven't been driving on the lawn ever since.

(and as a bonus)
Me: I have guns. They aren't registered, licenced, or indeed in many cases even legal. They are most certainly staying that way, and if you don't like it you can come and get them yourself: one little piece of metal at a time.