If its an NDP civil war, bank on the side in favour of privately held firearms

How divisive and damaging to the NDP brand will Thomas Mulcair be?

Bruce Hyer has quit the federal New Democrats, electing to sit as an Independent member of Parliament, weeks after being at odds with his party about the end of the long-gun registry.

The decision by one of the party's northern Ontario MPs marks the second time this year the federal NDP has suffered a resignation from its caucus, the first being Lise St-Denis, who now sits as a Liberal.

While murmurs and rumblings of a defection preceded that announcement, Hyer's resignation Monday was so abrupt that NDP leader-Thomas Mulcair said he learned of the news two minutes before the daily question period kicked off in the afternoon.
Let's just say that at this point the Raj Sherman Liberals are saying dude, I think you chose the wrong guy.