Repeat Offender

Here in its entirety is the (tame) offending blogpost that was pulled this week amidst massive unnecessary controversy:(apologies for the lack of formatting, this really is tough to read)

Born this Way – Written by Allan & Cindy Hunsperger

I have decided to do a sequel to Lady Gaga’s CD, “Born this Way.” My CD will be entitled, “Born this Way – And that’s why Jesus came.”The world is believing the lie that because you were “born this way” you now have a right to live this way – the way you were born. Sounds great at first except nobody is mentioning what the results will be of living the way you were born!If you were “born this way,” are you going to “die this way?” Well if that is true, and it is, then you have fallen right into the trap that is as old as time. That trap is what satan wants for you – but is that what you want?You see, you can live the way you were born, and if you die the way you were born then you will suffer the rest of eternity in the lake of fire, hell, a place of eternal suffering.Now at this point I am not judging, I am just stating a fact! You may not believe me and you have that choice, but I would challenge you to seriously check it out because once you cross over, there is no turning back.It is not only Lady Gaga that doesn’t understand this, it is also our educators with the Edmonton Public school board. The following is right from the public school board’s website:“PHILOSOPHICAL FOUNDATION STATEMENT The Board is committed to establishing and maintaining a safe, inclusive, equitable, and welcoming learning and teaching environment for all members of the school community. This includes those students, staff, and families who identify or are perceived as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, two- spirit, queer or questioning their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression. The Board expects all members of our diverse community to be welcomed, respected, accepted, and supported in every school.”Why this from our public educators? Because they believe people were “born this way” and have a right to die this way. The blind leading the blind!Now every Christian school that has come under the Edmonton Public School board will have to adopt this as well. Trapped!For years I have warned Christian educators that you can’t partner with public education because public education is godless. As far as public education is concerned, there is no God. The dictionary defines godless as profane or wicked.Psalm 1:1 “Blessed is the man who does not walk in the counsel (teachings) of the wicked or stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of mockers.”There is so much I could teach on from this point but I will stick to the subject and then all the other subjects that come out of this, I can speak to later.Back in the eighties Holy Spirit revealed to me a truth that I have never forgotten. Our family was flying from California back to Calgary and we had to make a change over in San Francisco. As we were waiting for our plane to leave, two men who were homosexuals were also waiting and we began to share in conversation. Once they found out that I was a pastor the conversation went to their lifestyle and they began to expand how we as Christians have judged them wrongly.Then one of the men said to me, “You will never understand what it is like to be born one way and have society expect to you live another.” Immediately Holy Spirit dropped this in my mouth and I said, “You know, I do understand, because I was born the same way. I was born living one way and God expects me to live another way. I can’t do that on my own and that’s why Jesus Christ came so I could be changed.”Warning people to not live the way they were born is not judgment or condemnation – it is love! Accepting people the way they are is cruel and not loving!

The reason I posted it? For the same reason I posted the infamous (and more much direct) letter from Reverend Stephen Boissoin five years ago: to highlight that every single word in it is true and I agree with every bit of it.