"They're coming to take me away ho ho hee hee ha ha To the Legislature, with trees and flowers and chirping birds"

On Friday, the Alberta Liberals announced their mental health plan and go figure, it comes with a spending increase. No word on where other spending in health or otherwise is announced, so let's just chalk this down to another proposed tax increase by the far-left extremists over at the Liberal Party of Alberta.

But I'm left thinking, as I watched Raj Sherman make other press announcements (this $105M tax increase is left off of video, for semi-obvious reasons), that the Alberta Liberals already had a mental health plan that they have been trying to implement for over a year now:

Give every crazy person in Alberta jobs with the Alberta Government, starting with putting their unstable leader into the Premier's office.

True, the direct costs would probably be no worse than $105 million over 5 years, but the long term costs of putting this lunatic and his party in office could add up to a trillion dollars per year.