@sixmacs6 I'm glad to see you opposed the Wuhan Virus lockdown regime!

Forcing businesses to close! That sounds serious!

Cathy is, of course, doing the usual blather about how a hugely successful internationally celebrated protest -- the Freedom Convoy in downtown Ottawa -- was some unique-in-this-world evil "occupation".

Forget, for example, that homeless have been "occupying" cities across North America for the last 5-6 years without any heavy-handed government action. Forget, also, that climate whining losers have been getting friendly media coverage while shutting down city cores for a decade (despite us having "less than a decade left" at the start of it). Forget #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker burning down businesses, forget CHAZ/CHOP/CHIAPET, forget all of that.

Didn't the government lockdowns as part of the mass global hysteria around the China Cough force businesses to close? Like...a lot? Didn't that disrupt the lives of residents?

Well, sure, but fortunately for us Cathy isn't just using the emotional buzzwords of "disrupting" and "occupation" for cheap and lazy assaults on conservative activists protesting the loss of fundamental human rights. Perish the thought! Indeed, it's part of her longstanding and first principles dedication to the notion that no matter why you do it, forcing a business to close and making citizens' lives miserable -- even for two weeks -- is an unforgivable sin. She was right on the front lines with those of us who thought any COVID lockdowns were evil and unnecessary from Day 1.

Oh, no, wait, her only complaint ever about lockdowns is that she idiotically accuses the people who got COVID right from Day One from causing them, and not the far-left government and Viro Fascist medical advisors pulling their strings. By that same logic shouldn't she blame any downtown Ottawa disruptions during the Freedom Convoy on Justin Trudeau, Kieran Moore, and Tony "Teresa" Tam?

Well this is sure awkward. It's looking more and more like Cathy doesn't actually oppose forcing businesses to close, disrupting residents, even large protests that shut down urban areas.

Look lefties, we all know your only principle is to lie, but at least once and a while can you make an effort to pick a belief and run with it?