@AllieSwearengen - Stick around, you might learn something

Leftists like Allie aren't very smart.

Okay, you knew that. You also know leftists like Allie aren't very knowledgeable. I'm not doing good at surprising you today am I?

How about this though: Allie does know one thing. He knows that exposed to more knowledge and experience will cause him to lose his ridiculous worldview. And since Allie's worldview is so precious to him, he can't possibly handle exposure to it.

He knows it. That's why Allie and so many of his ilk run and hide from (superior) conservative viewpoints. In a straight up debate they lose every time.


One of the things Allie thinks he knows but doesn't is what a "Nazi" or "white supremacist" are. That's why he's attacking poor Sydney Sweeney, an actress who dared to...checks notes...spend time with her mother on her 60th birthday party.

There's no mention, amazingly enough, of any of the things Allie thinks he sees in the article. People at Mrs. Sweeney's party were wearing "Make Sixty Great Again" hats and one participant had a "Blue Lives Matter". So what?

This is where Allie's lack of critical thinking skills come into play. What's "white supremacist" about the shirt, to say nothing about the hats? The answer, of course, is that he doesn't have an answer. And since he can't answer the question, it's critical that he stay away from anybody who might ask it. Therefore, the decision that not only anybody with these mythical "white supremacist" beliefs but anybody who is in contact with them or in contact with those in contact with those in contact with those in contact with those in contact with those in contact with those in contact with those in contact with those in contact with those in contact with those in contact with them!

It would get exhausting very quickly living this way: meanwhile, those who support the Blue Lives Matter movement don't get the opportunity to teach Allie exactly how stupid and wrong he really is. The argument may work or it may not (we've established Allie's kind of dumb). But the hope would be with a small amount of exposure Allie might learn things like...there's no racially targetting component to law enforcement in the United States (which you can, of course, realize without also endorsing all police actions or indeed all laws). Who knows? Maybe the Blue Lives Matter guy never got a chance to talk with Sydney and educate her about this, which would have (ass-covering careerism aside) prevented Sydney Sweeney's inevitable (though admittedly and pleasantly weak) apology. After all, MSNBC columnist Zeeshan Aleem isn't going to be able to educate anybody about it with empty claims such as:

Why would Sweeney be surprised at objections to an emblem that signals authoritarian militance and hostility to an inclusive society?

That brainless assumption by Aleem relies on the false premise that police in the United States are "hostile to an inclusive society" (with "inclusive" only applying to far-left bugaboos like queers and niggers). Sounds interesting except there's a lot of reason to believe its exactly the opposite of that. After all, if police were really dedicated to stopping criminal ass pirates, why are they having to be deliberately excluded from their little sodomy parades?

Whoops, there's that use of critical thinking to examine examples (and observe the lack of counter-examples, which only our side is apparently capable of doing), which is much harder to skip over when you insist that your table has to be free of people who just might be able to persuade you that we're better than you.

That we are doesn't change: only your own failures continue in this manner.