@LordMemesworth @JoanofB Or an even better case: Tony Timpa

Far-left ignoramous Joan of Bark actually thought that George "Gorilla" Floyd was killed only because of his skin colour.

When his (justified) death sparked #NiggerLiveMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker riots across the globe, the planet shrugged and acknowledged that white lives don't matter by comparison. We know this because of Tony Timpa.

In August of 2016 Tony Timpa died in police custody after an officer held him down with a knee to the upper shoulder until he lost consciousness, at which point officers made fun of him, tied him up, and left him there until paramedics arrived 20 minutes later.

The similarities with Gorilla Floyd were creepy: Timpa's footage didn't get released until 2019, at which point angry white people....

...did nothing at all. No mass protests which turned into riots. No fawning coverage on mainstream news and late night TV shows. No white celebrities raging how this was evidence Caucasians were being killed by police. And absolutely no repercussions to the officer involved and no apology to the victim.

It almost sounds like there's a thing called Black Privilege doesn't it?

Indeed it wasn't until late 2021, long after Derek Chauvin was imprisoned, that the Timpa family won the right to a civil trial. Criminal charges were dropped long earlier and oddly enough no activist attorney generals came along to "right the wrong" even though it happened in conservative Texas.

Lord Memesworth has already given examples but they aren't quite as clean: Daniel Shaver was shot in a manner similar to how they claimed Brown was. Duncan Lemp was shot during a raid similar to the claims around Breanna Taylor. Edward Bronstein, like Timpa and Floyd, was killed in police custody as 4 officers pinned him down and quickly died. It's closer to Floyd, in both timeline and cause, but Timpa remains the best direct comparison.

Tony Timpa. Speak his name, Joan. Speak his name, or shut up forever.