@CerebroDeQueso_ This is why we can wear blackface without feeling bad

Last week the massive tub of human-shaped lard known as "Lizzo" (real name Melissa Jefferson, though if she legally changed it to that from "Pure Whipped Butter" I wouldn't be surprised), who spends 90% of her time claiming she's oppressed, spent the 10% of her time playing music in a one in a lifetime history opportunity: a classic flute created for President Madison's inauguration and never ever before played was brought out (with cooperation of the Library of Congress and the Secret Service) for her to play first in a tasteful performance within the Library itself, and later for a garish display where she wore basically nothing and shook her ass around in a twerking move which probably displaced so much air and caused so much vibration that it created Hurricane Ian, decimating Florida hundreds of miles away.

Many were disgusted by the performance, of an unslightly woman's ass begging men to please please fuck her or at least buy her lunch, and more than a few noticed the internal contradiction: the whole event certainly seemed like a lot of, oh, what's that word? Privilege. White male nobodies interested in playing the flute would be shot in the neck for trying to retrieve it, but the United States Government gives yet another negress special permission to flaunt the rules.

Rolling Stone, of course, did their usual trick of writing endlessly about the outrage but only showing photos and writing about the in-library performance. Nobody who only read the article had to endure this image.


Matt Walsh wisely notes that the left celebrated the incident as Lizzo "sticking it" to a dead white man, and therefore the conservative backlash might have something to do with our legitimate difference of opinion on the subject of how to treat historical relics like a gift to a U.S. President who was rated above-average by early 20th century historians (with an obvious bias regarding the War of 1812). Sorry Rolling Stone but you don't get to say "hey X is great because it aligns with our political agenda" and then also be upset when others say "hey X is horrible because it aligns with your political agenda". It's like the tranny bathrooms: faggots and their allies get all excited about changing centuries of civilization and then say "get over it, why do you care weirdo" when the proponents of that civilization object. The left deliberately breaks the rules, even theirs, and then gets upset when we turn the tables.

Which of course brings to mind the incident that Cerebro references from 2020: Lizzo in hot water for cultural appropriation. Remember, cultural appropriation is a good thing, but since they say it isn't, we should hold them to that. [I was asked to hyperlink to a Kurt Schlichter article on this topic, but search as much as I tried I can't seem to find anything from him about leftists following their own rules. He really should consider writing about it, he might get one or two or even three articles out of the topic. -ed] 

Fortunately for us, Cerebro performs a much-needed public service. He gives us a free excuse for when "cultural appropriation" is a bad thing: whenever the overarching culture is, in our opinion, "shit". What's good for Catholicism is good for Islam, no?

Or it can just be a "tool" for <insert ideology or geopolitical movement according to taste>  (colonialism, say, or #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker) and then -- boom! -- cultural appropriation is back on the menu.

So go ahead and wear that blackface, then talk like the most stereotypical coon you can possibly imagine. This Cerebro dude just gave you the go-ahead.

Slightly unrelated: President Madison's home is about to be turned into a garish "memorial" for slavery to try again to push the claim that American blacks were uniquely affected by it.