Were there people who didn't know this?

Over at NotTheBee, Peter Heck points out what has been well known for years: you can't separate faggots and trannies no matter how much you might wish it were possible.

The reason for this social whiplash, as Rowling alluded to in her tweet, is her opposition to transgender ideology, including sex-change procedures and hormonal manipulations being committed on minors through Orwellian-named "gender affirmation surgeries." As a self-professed voice for lesbians and gays, Rowling contends that the core belief of trans activists – that the gender binary (male/female) is a bigoted social construct of the patriarchy – will effectively erase the identity of both groups. There can be no such thing as a lesbian if there is no such thing as a woman.

The moral justification for the gay rights movement, as it sought to undo both centuries of cross-cultural tradition and the prevailing Christian familial ethic of Western Civilization, was rooted in the subjectivity of self-indulgence, individual pleasure-seeking, and personal fulfillment. It sought to carve out a new identity predicated entirely upon the narrowest of traits: lust, romantic desire, and sexual gratification.

Any belief that a societal permissiveness which accepted that kind of justification would not subsequently lead to other identity appeals made upon the same grounds was painfully short-sighted. And any refusal to now acknowledge that the slippery slope was real is an intentional charade aimed at obfuscating and complicating an indictment of their own complicity in our current predicament.

In other words, I agree with J.K. Rowling that it is absurd to consider her political leanings and social sensibilities right-wing. But in the end, she has, among others, herself to thank for it.