@jppl1979 - All of these agencies conspired to censor and censure to promote their Wuhan Flu narrative

Emmett Macfarlane thinks he knows what a journalist is.

He doesn't know very much (which is why Rat Bastard 2.0 hired him to write the criteria for selecting Supreme Court judges), which is why he thinks that conservatives can participate in journalism because....well, something something something. That for every mistake you can find in any Rebel News or True North story (as we are all human: if you looked really hard I'm sure you could find one mistake in 3700 blogposts I've submitted to date) you'll find dozens more in the same number of stories on CBC or Global or the Globe and Mail. His argument seems to be "they're a poopeyhead" even when they expose truths that his favourite media misses.

JP isn't much smarter, or less evil. He suggests that journalists (who already have a voluntary guild plus a separate media guild) bring in some sort of mandatory licensing and those who don't comply get thrown in the gulag or something.

What's his point of reference? Licensed doctors, pharmacists, lawyers...what could possibly be wrong with this? Hey remember last year when an Alberta doctor was disciplined for going off-script with Ivecmectin? Despite doctors supposedly allowed to go off-script as they see fit (ever been prescribed aspirin?) they sure cracked down to punish anybody who spoke out against the regime propaganda. You'll find that nurses did the same: a BC nurse even got suspended for supporting leftwing author J.K. Rowling!

So much for not being "licensed on the basis of their opinions"! (It's worth noting that lawyers just barely avoided also licensing on the basis of opinions regarding Critical Race Theory; meanwhile however the Red Injun activists continue to try to shape law societies in accordance with the stupid TRC Calls to Action). So it appears that politically correct bullshit is already taking precedence over "strict principles of competency". JP is already fighting for an idealized situation which has been shown to not exist.

It's bad enough that doctors and pharmacists are stifling science that disagrees with their own dogma without also requiring the journalists who can tell us in a newspaper article or podcast that doctors are full of shit sign onto the same mindset.