@govmikeyd Does this mean that, say, podcasters who oppose gun ownership need to be banned?

So you may have heard a scandal about Ben Shapiro attending a conference and everybody and their dog losing their minds over it.

That's what got MikeyD's panties in a bunch. She's furious that "right wingers" are allowed in a public space. What's her basis for this objection? Ben Shapiro you see "is directly trying to strip people of civil rights".

Which rights? She doesn't say, but presumably its his opposition to abortion. So if you oppose abortion, which is defined as a "civil right", then you shouldn't be allowed a space in public.

Yet MikeyD's profile links to the Democratic Socialists of America, an organization which wants to among other things "abolish capitalism". To achieve this, American citizens would lose their civil rights to own property. Yet despite his link which directly is trying to strip people of civil rights, he doesn't apparently think he needs to be banned. I'm sure there were podcasters at the event who oppose private gun ownership. As we've mentioned many a time before, gun rights are human rights. So should any podcaster who opposes this fundamental human right be banned from the show?

This method lies to either madness or a pretty empty event hall.