@Shadowwitchhea1 - like "go ahead and get the abortion but then go to jail"?

The Wuhan Flu madness may be subsiding, but that doesn't mean Viro Fascists like Shadow have gone away. When @Archeygoddess1 asked a different Viro Fascist how government vaccine mandates didn't reflect "government coercion", the extreme leftist she asked tried claiming "no there was no such thing as a mandate" while this different extreme leftist took the "there is coercion but it doesn't count because you can always violate the rule and simply be punished". That's a curious argument to make.

On the bright side, that means that a Prime Minister Pierre Poilievre or Prime Minister Leslyn Lewis can bring in rules prohibiting anybody who has ever had an abortion from going into a bar or restaurant confident that Shadow will defend them for merely giving businesses the choice to serve you (and lose their business) or refuse to allow you in the doors. Meanwhile women who want to murder their children in the womb still have a choice (this policy is eminently pro-choice), but like every choice there are consequences: like going to jail or being forever banned from restaurants and airplanes.

The second half of Shadow's complaint, what was happening isn't happening now so relax, certainly is another brave and bold statement to make in the wake of Residential School Appreciation Day a couple weeks back. Indeed, Shadow needs to remind her younger self that "wtf are you whining about":

You got your way: we stopped providing a quality education to Red Indians. Sure the little savages aren't getting a quality education and taxpayers are being bled dry, but u got your way.

Stop (falsely) whining about Residential Schools and then in a few decades we promise to stop (honestly) whining about vaccine passports.