Injun Medicine is medical misinformation (promoted by the Canadian Government)

You may be aware that over the past 16 months whiny Red Indians demanded people who didn't do anything wrong "apologize" (and were successful at getting the Pope to admit wrongdoing despite no wrongs being done). In my recent "Red Indian Education Day" post, I referred to my legendary takedown of all 94 TRC recommendations.

Well something caught my eye in that old post, and it's worth comparing to the cult of government doctors that we're seeing with the Wuhan Flu:

22. We call upon those who can effect change within the Canadian health-care system to recognize the value of Aboriginal healing practices and use them in the treatment of Aboriginal patients in collaboration with Aboriginal healers and Elders where requested by Aboriginal patients.
There's that quack medicine again. Those who can effect change within the healthcare system would include people at some point using some sort of medicine. "Aboriginal healing practices" specifically call for a rejection of medical science.

Now hold on hold on hold on.

Ever since March of 2020 we've told that "rejecting science" is the most cardinal of all sins. Last year YouTube decided that anything anti-vaccine was abhorrent and needed to be removed from their servers.

Well claims that Red Indian "healing" works is a false claim that, in the words of the hysterical left, directly puts people in harm (it doesn't, obviously, but that's their phrase not mine). So what's the response of the mainstream media, Big Tech, and woke legislators?

Fuck your science, here's some free tax money to pray to the sky crow!

Well, kinda:

The Indigenous Community Support Fund (ICSF) was introduced in March 2020 to provide funding to Indigenous communities and organizations to prevent, prepare for and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout fiscal year 2020 to 2021, the Government of Canada allocated $1.095 billion to the ICSF, which provided funding to Indigenous leadership and organizations, including approximately $700 million to First Nations on-reserve, to design and implement community-based solutions to address the specific needs identified by communities and their members. Budget 2021 allocated an additional $760.7 million to the ICSF, including $472 million in direct allocations or needs-based funding for First Nations on-reserve, resulting in a total Government of Canada funding allocation of over $1.855 billion during the past 2 fiscal years (2020 to 2021 and 2021 to 2022). Land-based activities and cultural supports are eligible activities under the ICSF and have been historically funded. Youth winter lodges, on-land sweat lodges adapted to COVID-19 capacity restrictions, traditional food provided to elders and teaching traditional harvesting techniques are examples of previously funded land-based activities.

So a billion bucks a year to spend however the hell they want on whatever quack medicine they feel like. To be fair, much of the Canadian Government really dances around their commitment to this one. They yammer about this "systemic racism" nonsense, they fund midwives which is hardly an "aboriginal healing practice" other than the fact that it's kinda primitive. They also fund a non-capable almost-midwife who just tells you nice things about yourself during pregnancy. Yet, I suppose thankfully enough, they aren't quite ready to let these bozos get inferior healthcare at my expense (only to turn around and blame whitey when their outcomes are inferior)