@scwrconfi - And every ounce of it is deserved

Earlier this year Florida enacted legislation which banned public school teachers from pushing their evil sodomite agenda on kids.

No, wait, sorry, it was only K-3 kids. Uranists working in elementary schools who want to borrow a page from Kris Well's playbook and recruit some nice 8 year olds who can be persuaded to suck dick are out of luck. The Mike Morrison camp of recruiting 10 year olds to suck dick are still sadly in business.

As is usual when the truth of their sick lifestyle comes up, the ass pirates...well, lied.

The seven-page bill prohibits instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity for students in kindergarten through 3rd grade. Lessons for students older than 3rd grade have to be “age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.” The state education department will decide what “age appropriate or developmentally appropriate” entails. 

Colour me surprised. Similarly, would you believe that the mainstream media coverage of this bill concentrated on the backlash rather than any evaluation of the cost/benefit ratio (or indeed whether or not it went far enough)?

Research that analyzed social media posts finds that hateful references to gays, lesbians and other LGBTQ people surged online after Florida passed a law that bars instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten through third grade.

References to pedophiles and “ grooming ” rose by more than 400 percent in the month after Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” measure was approved, according to a report released Wednesday by the Human Rights Campaign, one of the nation’s largest LGBTQ advocacy groups, and the Center for Countering Digital Hate, a nonprofit group that tracks online extremism.

AP already is giving away their biases in favour of this unacceptable lifestyle choice which can be cured (which is why the cure is banned): "hateful references" include things like...the true statement that any particular faggot you look at is guilty of molesting children. References to pedophiles in relation to a self-selected group who is united around their love of pedophilia is presented uncritically as evidence that the rallying around the Florida law is based on 'hatred' rather than pure unadulterated fact.

It's worth noting of course that the AP article makes it sound like nobody who opposes this sick agenda to molest children (which is of course how faggots reproduce) was willing to go on the record. Not so. Pushaw famously gave a statement in response to the questions which AP ignored in favour of a weeks-old tweet only tangentially related.

You shouldn't be surprised. The entire sodomite agenda is based on a fundamental pair of lies: that they are "born with" their disgusting desires and that there's nothing wrong with them polluting the planet by acting upon them.

Both are untrue. Which is why the faggot agenda must be stopped and absolutely nothing which gets in the way of that righteous action can be allowed to stand.