That's why they call it "Not the Bee"

Otherwise you'd never think it wasn't satire:

The city of Prosser, Washington rescinded its annual entry to a local Halloween decorating contest after a woman complained to the city management. The display in question was a "Karen-cature," including a scarecrow in a garden wearing a "Can I Speak to the Manager?" t-shirt and a name tag that read "Karen."

The woman who "complained to the manager," Maricela Sanchez, insists the scarecrow is an effigy of her because she leads a group called "Friends of Prosser," which fought City Hall in opposition to their $16.8 million bond package to replace Prosser's City Hall and Police Station.

Now while you do have to sympathize with a woman who possibly was being insulted and slandered for daring to suggest a particular municipal expenditure was a bad idea and needed to be halted/reconsidered/downsized, and that the City of Prosser shouldn't be ridiculing any of its citizenry, it's just too perfect that it all aligns.