@Randellaman - explain why PP's policies are misguided

Pierre Poilievre (as suspected) won the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race in early September. As a result, leftists (as usual) went crazy with their angry denunciations.

Bananas is one of the typical ones. Poilievre supporters, you see are "racist and bigoted", unlike enlightened folks like him who can "think for themselves".

Which is why, surely, there are aspects to Poilievre's policy platform which they can disagree with: nothing about Poilievre the person, or nothing about his supporters. He could attend every rally in full Nazi/Pierre Trudeau getup, all of the attendees could join him in chants of "sieg heil" while waving "we are literally Nazis" banners, and instead of land acknowledgements he could denounce nonwhite races as mentally inferior to kick every one off...

...and none of that would be any argument against the policies he's proposing. Intelligent people can analyze actual policies and critique them. So can Bananas? Let's take a look (and all you far-left PP haters can participate) from his website (as crawled by Archive.org the week before the leadership race was decided, as the site appears to no longer be kept alive):

The details of each plan (some of the title summaries are kind of horrible) are included in the links. Let's see how these "can think for themselves" can go through these policies and analyze them. Much like when we play this game with Donald J. Trump, it's hard to get these serious independent thinkers to look at policies straight up and give their opinions of whether or not they achieve desirable goals.