Why am I paying for a lazy nation's housing?

Twenty-four affordable housing units will be built for Paul First Nation in west Edmonton through funding from the province’s Indigenous Housing Capital Program.

Seniors and Housing Minister Josephine Pon said the provincial and federal governments will together provide $3 million towards the rent and rent-to-own units that will be located near 163 Street and 100 Avenue.

“This is an exciting project to mark the first time that the development funded under the IHCP has offered rent-to-own options to the tenants. We support the Paul Band’s plan to make ownership a reality of its members,” Pon said.

Paul First Nation is working with the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation to secure up to $4.5 million for the project and $250,000 in seed funding, while the City of Edmonton is providing a $1.5 million grant.

Why are Red Indians getting free money stolen by me to get themselves housed? The background here is that the Red Indians of the Paul Band who live out by Wabamun don't like their commute. They would rather live in the City of Edmonton, but unlike whites who answer this problem by magically using their own money earned from the job they commute to, their solution is "get me to pay" because their own Injun tribe, which they laughably call a "nation", just isn't so.

There's also a "housing crisis" on the Paul Reserve, you see. The same squaws who can't keep their legs together are producing more and more kids. Hey, continue your race if you want etc. etc. etc. The question again becomes "if your so-called nation needs more housing why don't you build some presumably within your own nation?" I don't know if you've ever driven on the Paul Band territory just south of Kapasiwin but we're not exactly talking about Hong Kong here: there's lots of room to build a house.

Admittedly part of the problem is "they can't produce houses there because of the Indian Act", but since that same Indian Act is what they cling to because it's where the free tax money stolen from whitey comes from, it won't ever be solved. So they whine that they need to have a rent-to-own property within the white man territory that their own treaty stipulates isn't for them (yet another treaty violation), and then the provincial/federal/municipal governments combine to take the money taken from the productive whites (and other races) who actually work and use the money from their work to own homes and generate tax revenue, give it to the Red Indians, and then just wash their hands of the economic and cultural consequences.