@BeverlyBain13 - I can't wait to read about how the vestiges of a great civilization collapse when an inferior people try operating them

"The event" which Miss Bain (let's all admit right now she hasn't found a nice man and settled down under the bonds of holy matrimony) refers to was the tragic death last month of our beloved Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II.

Instead she's writing about the continued movement, based of course on retarded idiocy (as so many things her kind promotes are, of course), to leave the sensible Constitutional Monarchy which the British Empire in its infinite wisdom blessed so many of its realms with and replace them with republics, which with a tiny number of exceptions have all become completely botched and undesirable shitholes within a generation or two.

Barbados fell into darkness earlier this year, and nigger activists in other countries are working hard to replicate that process (especially before another example goes tits-up and even the dumbest nigger in Jamaica starts wondering if any of this is worth it).

You just know that as Bain writes about these "uprisings" she won't dare mention what happened when Her Royal Highness had to endure a variety of similar uprisings by niggers this time still back in niggerland. Let's go through a quick summary:


Separation Year

Year/how the niggers wrecked it



1961: halfway through their Soviet experiment an “austerity budget” decimated their farms and they have been starving to death ever since



1969: after the PM was shot by his own bodyguards (take note, Chrystia Freeland!) a military coup turned the country into a socialist state, later involved in that brutal civil war



1966: whoops, military coups again. After about six of these and a violent tribal/civil war later they actually got kicked out of the Commonwealth for their savage ways

Sierra Leone


1967: after a policy of affirmative action and crackdown on political protests (take note, Justin Trudeau) there was a tightly contested election, a coup, then a counter-coup possibly that same afternoon. Fun fact: this was the last legal slavery in the British Empire when in 1928 blacks finally were banned from enslaving other blacks



1982: thanks to oil money this place was able to pay to keep its violent niggers under control, though please note it’s been deteriorating rapidly since PMOTUS took office



1978: what was their secret for stability? easy: ethnic cleansing ensured only the ruling tribe stuck around (ever met an Arab Zanzibari? Probably not, most are dead!)



1966: if you don’t know who Idi Amin is, you’re probably clueless enough to write about “anti-colonial uprisings” in the Caribbean!



1969: you can quibble about the year but that’s when opposition leaders were banned. Baroness Karen von Blixen-Finecke wrote in the 30s about how productive Kenyan farms are. Don’t hear much about them anymore (they chased the productive whites away)



1966: Banda becomes President-for-Life of a one-party state. Nyasaland in 1891 was another example, by the way, of white Britons ending black-on-black slavery. You’re welcome, Beverly.



1972: another one-party state (this one’s name was Kanda instead of Banda), another tribal war, and another case of the whites being the only ones providing any economic activity to pay for it all



1981: whites were chased out, the economy fell to shit, government tightened restrictions, attempted coup, the usual. Add in Islamist influences this century



Ring the bell, jump for joy! This one hasn’t really been wrecked all that much and thanks to (non-conflict) diamonds they’ve seen an increased standard of living. What did Meatloaf sing? One oughta seventeen ain’t bad?



1970: the ruling party decided to ignore the election results which caused a guerilla war that has continued to rage and kill innocent 3 year olds in crossfire. Also if you want real estate in Lesotho be patient: they’re all dying of AIDS too



1971: Unlike other nations on this list they had to be expelled from the British Empire, they kind of wanted to stay. No wonder, 3 years later opposition politicians started to mysteriously die by self-inflicted car bombings

Swaziland or Estwatini or whatever


1973: once that goofball Sobhuza started thinking he was a real king he did things real kings do like...abolish democracy. Oh they finally brought democracy back this century after they saw his economic policies works....and cue economic hardship and a guerilla war which really heated up in 2018



1980: only Turkey might coup more often than this country. Still it’s relatively well-off, I’ve blogged about them before in fact. Like Cuba they’ve turned on the tourism taps



1982: Rhodesia was the breadbasket of Europe. You know how it ends: Mugabe, chasing away productive white farmers, economic hardship amid plenty, starvation, genocide, runaway inflation, and coming up on a half century of civil rights abuses in the name of “anti-colonialism”. This is what Bain is promoting. This is what she wants.

The common theme I want you to observe here is that one certainly can't lay the blame of these countries' misfortunes on "colonialism". Even if colonialism were a bad thing (and it ain't), it was clearly a superior system to the Afro-Marxism nightmare that came next. The phrase "primrose path" is getting a lot of use in 2022, and like everybody who irrationally hates the monarchy, Bev Bain is leading tribal blacks down that path either not knowing or not caring that it also spells their ruin.