@_SJPeace_ - what "y'all built" in Africa isn't worth a cup of coffee in America

Oh please, "ripping" spear chuckers from their third world homes is an act of compassion.

If you don't believe me, you can ask Madonna.

Or we can look at some numbers. Oh those poor downtrodden American Negroes: just not getting their "fair share" of the American Dream (just don't ask why). In fact, their median income is a mere US$41,511 in 2018.

But wait: Stacey Grounded just finished complaining about being "enslaved raped and tortured". For one thing, American slaves were the most well-treated slaves in history. Rape and torture using historic (not modern!) definitions of the phrases just wasn't on the menu (see Le Grand v. Darnall, etc). They also in large part didn't "build the country". The British didn't have a slave trade: the slaves that were in the land now called The United States mostly came from the Dutch and Spanish (a tiny amount from the French). The parts of America a person thinks of when they think of "parts of America built by Americans" are mostly the non-slavery English portions thereof: Philadelphia and Boston and New York (New Amsterdam was partly built on slavery, but basically no physical part of NYC owes its legacy to the Dutch: the ironic exception is in fact Haarlem...). Slavery partially built New France, but that covers southern Nova Scotia as much as it covers New Orleans. In reality in the U.S., the only small parts built by slavery were cotton-producers. If cotton wasn't your local industry, slaves were way more trouble than they were (literally) worth. Meanwhile African Muslims were too busy enslaving blacks to be bothered to get captured and sail across the Atlantic: after all the largest slaving organization in human history was the Ottoman Empire. They also (like places like Brazil and Spain) allowed slavery and engaged in the slave trade long after "hateful" America banned it. Hell, the first ever nigger to be enslaved in America later became free and took on whites as slaves (in America, mind). There's a reason the northern (no cotton) states had no interest in slavery as they joined the Union. You think people in Milwaukee want your folk and their ridiculous fake wigs polluting the rooftop patios?

If only they'd stayed in Africa, eh? "Next time America, pick your own cotton" etc etc. So we looked at the wages of niggers in America, but what about niggers back in Niggeria? Well it turns out that's a lot harder to come by: curiously enough, "racist prejudiced America" keeps racial stats on a variety of topics and basically no other country does. You have to dig deep to discover things like Colby Cosh and John Lott did a few years ago: to wit, white Americans are less likely to be killed in gun crime than white Canadians. If you wanted to know the average income of blacks in, say, Canada, that information is flat out not available. So figuring out what the average income of blacks in Africa is like will be literally impossible. Nobody on the planet can give you the answers. In South Africa it's a different story: the average income for blacks there is US$618.54 (R9,186).

Wait a minute, looks like that voyage to America was awfully profitable! In fact, South Africa whites earn US$6746.97 which is a mere 16% of what the American negro pulls in. Overall South Africa's GDP per capita normalized to their PPP is 13,034 versus 65,298 for the United States.

GDP per capita (or its PPP normalized cousin) aren't strictly speaking incomes: their unit is the "international dollar" . Indeed, the US value of 65,298 is higher than the median household income of any ethnic classification (including whites). GDP is money that the economy produces but it can be invested back into businesses, stored in the stock market or banking systems, but also lost to public-sector (taxation, corruption) and private-sector (niggers breaking into your house) theft.

So it's not exactly what we're looking for but sadly it's the best we can get. If we stick with our 41,511 figure from earlier, pretend it's the normalized income of American blacks, and plug it into that Wikipedia page's World Bank column we get in between Israel and Cyprus in the new 34th spot. Guess what? None of the countries higher up the list are in Africa. In other words, if you created a new African country and every nigger in America magically appeared there and kept his income (ha), it would be the richest country in Africa. By a factor of over 1.3 (Seychelles is the African country highest up on the list, at 30517, and it's worth noting that its population is mostly whites or half-blacks).

So let's forget this "only thing y’all built" nonsense. Whites in Europe and North America (and Seychelles!) built successful functioning societies. When blacks were given their own country to do with as they pleased as free peoples, they got Liberia. Hey look, Liberia is in 180th place (out of 186) on the GDP per capita list: their score is 1491. In other words, living in a country with a job of picking some cotton and making some tea for the whites caused a 28-fold increase in standard of living.

If somebody wants to "uproot me from my home" and increase my wealth twenty-seven times over, they're welcome to.