Nikil Badey is one dishonest nigger

Last month a University of Minnesota student by the are-you-serious-thats-his-first-name of Nikil Badey made waves by claiming that he was traumatized and abused by police during a "hateful" encounter.

Unfortunately, those pesky dashboard cams came to the police's rescue and disproved his #NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker narrative.

The elapsed time from greeting to “I believe you” was 34 seconds.

Everything in Badey’s account, other than the fact that police talked to him, is a lie.

No sirens. One car, not multiple squad cars. No cops out of the cars with hands on guns.

Police did not ask for ID.

Police said they believed him and they apologized.

A lifetime of trauma? He asked the cops for a ride home.

So he...to use Sir Humphrey's wry phrase...lied. He thought he could make up a story and shame the cops, instead he got Streisand-effected beyond all human comprehension. But he could always use a little more.

Back in 2016 he appeared on "The View" with Whoopi Goldberg to promote some charity he was running. So he got a taste of the limelight. About two years ago he was also in a big news story: the University of Minnesota (which he apparently had just joined, he appears to have been born in 2000) had a meeting to discuss renaming buildings because the superior white people who the buildings were named after really got their dander up. The meeting attendees crowded around an activist nigger prof and wouldn't leave until he "had a chance to speak"...no word if they also allowed other people in favour of the building names to speak out as well. The meeting didn't go well, whitey's name stayed on the building, and one Nikil Badey can be seen bawling his eyes out like a goddamned woman because the final vote was 10-1 in favour of keeping the names.

Apparently he doesn't go so teary-eyed when it comes to 
#NiggerLivesMoreImportantThanSocietyMotherFucker rioters being mad that George Floyd's COVID acted up at the exact moment a hero cop had a knee on his neck, as per LibertyHour
Nikil Badey loved the limelight. But without live town meetings to crash and no niggers dying while committing crimes in the vicinity of a police officer, he was running out of it. His #DefundUMPD hashtag hadn't gotten a Twitter hit since September.
The interaction has prompted a campus-wide response, including from student organizations like Students for a Democratic Society, which called on Joan Gabel and the Board of Regents to condemn UMPD’s “acts of profiling, escalation and terror.”
This fake police interaction helped him immensely. Suddenly the campus was rallying around him, activists were mobilizing, oh wait the police videotaped the incident and now suddenly he's getting all the wrong publicity.

Surprise surprise, the publicity hound is now asking for a little privacy please:
The Minnesota Daily is not naming the person at this time due to his concerns of retaliation.
The credit to a lot of media outlets including the Toronto SUN and Campus Reform is that they aren't letting him get away with it. The Minnesota-based Garage Logic podcast has been trying to get Nikil Badey on the show for weeks. His own university's Department of Public Safety is demanding he apologize:
The MPPOA and Law Enforcement Labor Services have asked Badey to publicly apologize to the UMPD officers for his dishonest statements; end his email campaign to the Board of Regents against UMPD due to false allegations; read the University of Minnesota's Student Conduct Code, particularly Section IV, Subsection 3 (Falsification), Subsection 5 (Attempt to Injure or Defraud), and Subsection 9 (Disorderly Conduct); and consider meeting with UMPD in further dialogue on ways the community can work together for a safer campus for all.
Uh oh. So hey, out of curiosity, what's the dude even studying in university anyways? Gender studies? Post-colonial basket weaving? It can't be a real discipline can it? Oh, wait..