This day in (blog) history

Maybe I spoke too soon.

More critically, these "risky playgrounds" (while not, sadly, actually risky like quality playgrounds used to look) are a rare chance for us to step away from the Pussification of Society, that disgusting scourge on our civilization that leaves us with "no-zero" policies and "trigger warnings" and the banning of The Great Gatsby from college campuses.

Of course, March 17th 2021 is the one-year anniversary of the "two weeks to flatten the curve" temporary lockdown measures.

But maybe, just maybe, it might hard wire a brain or two in Richmond to accept that there's a big tough world out there, and when it hurts you the only response is to get better at taking the punishment it dishes out.

Oops, nope: in fear of a minor virus that doesn't affect anybody straight white and born after 1965, instead we sign onto losing fundamental freedoms without anybody in the mainstream media even batting an eye.