@AnnCotman - I'll believe the man who did it over a man who "studies intersections" of school safety

Last week's massage parlour shootings in the United States are yet another example of "vicious anti-asian racism caused by white supremacy" and don't go saying anything different: you don't know any better, even if you've just...interviewed...the...suspect...

Jamaal Bowman is, surprise surprise, another woke nigger politician who finds blaming whites for his own people's failings is a winning strategy. He's entirely upset because the police spokesman, being asked to provide a motive for the shootings, provides what the suspect has so far given up. Instead Bowman is somehow under the belief that instead the spokesman should have just made up a more politically valuable motivation, just to make his brain-dead allies feel better about what happened. Investigators have been looking into the case and they don't believe the shootings are based on any mythical "rampant anti-asian racism" based on the facts they have on hand. Those facts may change as time goes on, they may uncover new information. But on March 17th everything they have learned from the suspect points to a motivation for the shooting that doesn't align with what men like Bowman and Ann Marie Cotman want it to be.

If they want a mass-murder of yellow-skinned masseuses to be caused by "racism" they'll just have to go and create their own. (In Bowman's case it shouldn't be hard: there have been a lot of violent attacks done on asians by his thug nigger countrymen). They don't get to culturally appropriate Robert Aaron Long's one if he did it for reasons they wish he replaced with other ones.

Cotman's word-salad of a comment is similarly sad yet hilarious. This is how people like him think (such as it is): when a police official answers a question about what the police have learned from a murder suspect then he should talk about other people he hasn't talked to (and never can). Of course "the only human he talks about" is Long: he's one of the few people the police could have talked to at this stage, and of course is the person everybody is wondering about. Long's motives about why he allegedly killed these women is awfully relevant: back before we even knew who the killer was or what he looked like it was the talk of the progressive crowd. They were pushing this "white supremacy" garbage during the information vacuum in the immediate aftermath, and were the first people demanding to hear how the killer was a racist. They don't get to object with hearing his side of the story once it turns out to be a different story than they expected.

Also, bonus points to anybody who can figure out this gem:
Victims are reduced to places. And victims are the actor in this statement - they allow and tempt.
It's like a Morgan Parker poem only somehow even shittier. We already know that the women in the massage parlours "allow and tempt": it's the entire reason they exist.