Facts about George Floyd only fit the conservative narrative

Via Blazing Cat Fur, an Australian professor demolishes the BurnLootMurder lies:

Overwhelmingly, in America’s big cities, violent crimes are caused by its black and (to a lesser extent) its Hispanic populations, while the role of the police in violence against blacks or anyone else is trivial or non-existent. In Chicago, whose population of 2.7 million is 30 per cent black, there were 792 homicides (91 per cent by gunshot) in 2020, compared with 512 in 2019 and 586 in 2018. (To put this in context, Victoria, with a population of 6.4 million, had 101 homicides in 2019.) Of these Chicago homicides, 627 (79 per cent) were of blacks, mainly young gang members and drug dealers killed by other blacks in inner-city ghetto areas, 131 were of Hispanics, and thirty-two were of whites. The Chicago police killed precisely seven persons (of any race) and wounded another thirteen.

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