@MarshmallowSadz - "Not in Canada" isn't a race (it's a place, ace)

When @wakeuprichmond1 criticized why Omar Alghabra was in charge of setting disastrous public policy he simply observed that Alghabra wasn't born in Canada    .

He didn't call him a worthless sand nigger, even though that's entirely true.

I don't know how many letters you put after your name before you start seeing "race" and "on the other side of a line" as equivalent, but apparently it's less than five. Sad Marshmellow clearly needs to get out more. Besides, I have it on no less of an authority than the Shiny Pony that, despite his blustering lies to the contrary a few years back, there really is such a thing as "Canadian values". By logical extension, we can presume there are "non-Canadian values", which means as a first order approximation our first instinct should be to reject public policies being suggested by those outside of Canada.

Indeed, if you click that last link, you'll see that's (essentially) the argument the Shiny Pony used to counter the much-superior public policy objectives of President Donald J. Trump. He's not from around these parts. WakeUpRichmond1 simply was applying the logical standards of Rat Bastard 2.0, which admittedly sounds like a bad idea once you hear yourself speaking it out loud.

Still, it's hardly racist.