"you came back uneducated"

Comedian Jim Breuer is doing his own bit fighting back against woke cancel culture.

Breuer is concerned about how the coronavirus is being exploited to control Americans for political power and financial gain. He is suspicious of the shutdown and the mask mandates. “Not a good intention,” he claims. “The less we think as a society, the more dangerous we become,” he notes.

He argues that most political discourse today is akin to “studying for a test and then just spitting back the questions and the answers.” Indeed, he has posted some messages on social media as a “test” to just see how many of his followers will be triggered.

The concern with brain-washing is visible in his comedy set. In one of his funniest new routines, Breuer derides his daughter’s college miseducation and its hyper-focus on victimhood:

She came home…. I said: ‘Hey, how you doin’?’ She said: ‘Can’t say that! Racist! Sexist! Racist! LGBTQ! Gender! Gender! Gender! 16 genders! 20 genders! Homophobic! Homophobic! You can’t say that! You can’t say that! Racist! Sexist! You’re a sexist, dad! You’re a racist, mom! Mom’s a racist! Homophobic, homophobic! LGBTQ! Rights! Rights! My rights! Female rights! Women’s rights! People’s rights! We have rights!….’

Incredulous at his daughter’s Pavolovian leftism, Breuer declares: “And I’m paying for that! What a racket! I said, ‘I want my money back, you came back uneducated!’”

Is his approach perfect? Not entirely...

To counteract this negativity, the comedian makes good-faith efforts to use social media for good, including by reaching out to his followers. “The minute I discovered just how much influence you can have in a positive way just by a simple thing I say or a simple joke I put out there… the minute I discovered how inspiring and healing for people… I was drawn a lot more than that than anything else that comes with it…. It keeps me in check.”

Breuer’s positive message might be best described as “love thy neighbor.” He jokingly declares: “You know what they used to call therapists back in the day? Friends!…. We in society have learned that we have to pay for everything. We don’t have to pay for everything. Laughter, intention, understanding, a smile, forgiveness, finding common ground is what is going to make society better.”

You can't reason with the sort of people who are so evil and retarded that Twitter doesn't boot them off. Breuer might find turning the other cheek applicable in this modern world, but let's not assume it's accurate.