Theory: Debbie Baptiste is also a savage criminal

Unsurprisingly, a commission co-chaired by far-left former social workers and Alberta Liberal MLA Karen Leibovici has recently said that everything jackpine savage Coulton Boushie's jackpine savage family claimed is true, even the parts that don't match anybody else's claims or the facts on the ground (ie. they insist that Boushie, who was driving a truck with a stolen gun inside which had just been seen in two other recent property crimes and matched two independent descriptions of the suspects, wasn't guilty of any crimes).

As is typical, the (fortunately dead) Red Indian's mother Debbie Baptiste refuses to admit that her son was a violent criminal and that a bullet in his brain before his 25th birthday was pretty much a guaranteed result.
Baptiste told officers Boushie's dinner was waiting in the microwave, the CRCC wrote.

"Then they even checked the microwave where she had put her son's dinner to make sure that she was telling the truth," Sunchild said.

"If that doesn't speak of discrimination and racism, I don't know what does."
It doesn't, so you don't.

No, seriously, that's the claim? That the police (who suspected that one or more connected criminals were armed and inside Baptiste's house) were interested in checking her alibi? Actually "alibi" is a bit of overkill here: but investigators were going to take 15 seconds to check and see if there was actually a dinner waiting in the microwave: there was, of course, which she had put in there on the theory that after her primitively violent son was finished raiding local farmhouses he might have worked up a bit of an appetite. The other "major claim of racism" was that the officers smelled her breath when she collapsed to the ground; presumably Bouchie's tribal supporters will claim she just collapsed upon hearing the news, but since she knew full well what her son was doing out at nights and what might happen to him, the police sensibly presumed that she'd had six too many and just fell down. Red Indians are notorious for not holding their liquor...though in fairness they also are notorious for having horribly acidic breath smelling like rotting gasoline after having even the smallest amount of alcohol, so smelling her rancid exhalations likely wouldn't have told them anything.

Justin's RCMP, as expected, caved immediately without anybody bothering to question what happened in the family's version of the narrative (which the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission took at face value) and whether it aligned with the evidence collected after the fatal altercation. They certainly didn't spend thirty seconds looking at "if that's not racism and discrimination" claims and finding that they had absolutely nothing to do with "racism and discrimination". Words mean things, and while it's understandable that Debbie Baptiste didn't have much schoolin' due to the excellent Residential Schools being closed down within her lifetime, you'd think the more lettered of RCMP executives could figure it out.

Which brings me to the next thing nobody seems interested in figuring out: what crimes Debbie Baptiste is guilty of. The answer certainly is unlikely to be "nothing". After all, one of the reasons the RCMP showed up in force at her door was because along with notifying next of kin they were looking for Cassidy Cross-Whitstone who had driven the SUV earlier in the day, had gotten away in another stolen vehicle, had taken part in the home invasion, was believed to have a second weapon that the (drunk) kids claimed was also in the SUV (only the one stolen rifle has ever been recovered), and already had a lengthy criminal record including court ordered bans on both alcohol and driving a motor vehicle. Baptiste was in the fugitive harbouring business, and while nobody outside of rumours in Biggar will discuss it, I'm wondering if that's because she didn't play a larger role in the thieving savagery of her child and his friends than has been generally understood.

Are the Baptiste family responsible for fencing Coulton Boushie's ill-gotten gains?

It's worth noting that while Cross-Whitstone is known to have committed several home invasions with (as yet unnamed) accomplices, authorities have yet to recover most of the property he has stolen or identify the fence. Does Debbie Baptiste know who was selling off this money so her son and his friends could party it up? Was this really Boushie's first rodeo on the jackpine savage circuit? Or did Gerald Stanley's actions save rural Saskatchewan landowners from one more violent gang who takes advantage of a remote and elderly population? Most likely either Debbie or Alvin Baptiste have taken the Homer Simpson "best defence is a good offense" strategy to heart and demanded a woke Prime Minister do more to alleviate their suffering...even as they capitalize on the goods their departed relation was taking from hardworking white people by force.