The Queen Negprincress of Mean

You may have heard that Queen Elizabeth II is not only Canada's sovereign at this moment but also the de jure Head of State. In fact, we ran through this in January when my (similarly titled to today) blogpost hit, though I brought up the Head of State thing the day before we lost Rush Limbaugh:

The British head of state is Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Canadian head of state is also her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with the Governor General currently unfilled due to Justin's personally selected candidate being a bitch. (the functional requirements of the role fall to Supreme Court Chief Justice Richard Wagner). 
Well unfortunately Her Majesty isn't given the luxury to enjoy her temporary extra powers this month, as she's dealing with a disgusting royal bitch of her own. Prince Harry's cuckolding wife Meghan Markle (free advice: when she won't take your last name, don't take a walk down the aisle) has been such a royal pain [for every one of these you groan at, be aware I deleted at least two others... -ed] that Her Majesty decided that she wasn't going to wait for the end of the cooling off period after all: that nigger slut who destroyed the 6th in line for the throne had to go, and go right now.

We already knew of a lot of problems with Meghan Markle (like, again, that she's not now known as Meghan Windsor-Mountbatten). She's a woke nigger, and that really could summarize the whole post. Her entire worldview is at odds with the Succession of Kings of England and the British Empire (unbroken now for coming up on 400 years). She also has a "me me me" attitude completely at odds with Princess Kate, or Prince William, or for that mater 2013-era Prince Henry (Harry), as a result of her minor Hollywood celebrity: she thought that marrying Harry would turn the British Monarchy into the Meghan Markle Show (tonight's guest star: the Queen of England). 

Yet like so many thin-skinned celebrities (Tarantino, Crowe, etc) they want all the plusses of their fame (such as being able to give their opinion on things at the Golden Globes or on Oprah) without accepting the minuses (like the British tabloids). And now it seems (like Russel Crowe) Meghan Mountbatten-Windsor doesn't want another consequence of celebrity: it's now a news story how you treat others

Much like Julie Payette, Meghan Markle committed the ultimate woke sin of bullying! Unlike Payette though, you can't blame Markle for this: she's a darkie and the darkies just don't know no better:
So let me get this right. When people accuse Meghan Markle of bullying, they’re being racist. They’re indulging the ‘angry black woman’ trope. They’re lashing out with lies because they fear strong women of colour who know what they want. But when people accuse Priti Patel of bullying, they’re being tip-top. No racism at all in that. ‘Of course Priti’s a bully’, say all the people who literally five minutes earlier were saying ‘How dare you call Meghan a bully, you racist shits?’

Every now and then there’s a convergence of stories that exposes the hypocrisies and backwardness of our times. The crashing together of the Markle and Patel ‘bullying’ claims in the media universe is precisely such a convergence. The self-styled guardians of correct thinking are happy to call Patel a bully but they will marshall the entire armoury of woke-speak against any hint of a suggestion that Markle might be a bully. It couldn’t be clearer: political correctness, for all its claims of anti-racism, only offers protection to some people of colour. The rest can get stuffed.

I don't know much about Patel other than she's the UK Home Secretary (responsible for riots and strikes), though in fairness that's more than I knew about Markle in June of 2016. By extension I know therefore that Patel is a Conservative Party member and oh wait the explanation for the double standard just popped into my brain.

Brendan O'Neill's Spiked article, of course, demolishes both "bullying" claims. In fairness I should have done the same for the now-ex GG back in January:

So are these women bullies? My personal view is that no one over the age of 16 should use the world bullying to describe being put under pressure. Yes, workplace managers can be nasty and their behaviour will sometimes need to be called out and corrected. But too often the phrase ‘workplace bullying’ is used to describe what is actually normal behaviour in a high-pressure environment.

After all, this "bullying workplace" is what we used to call real life and it was the reality that these snowflakes were going to have to learn to deal with. Unfortunately, due in part to government mandates over private companies, instead the companies bent to meet them. Nobody responsible for NuTrek should be celebrated in the same way nobody on stage during those dismal 2017 Canada Day "celebrations" in Ottawa should be celebrated (including Prince Charles and of course Julie Payette): still "bullying" in a writers room on a TV show should just be part of the creative process, and shouldn't have cost all those useless tit writers their job.

But, like Cuomo's harassment scandals, the important thing isn't that these people are doing things that conservatives don't consider a big deal: they're doing what liberals do consider a big deal. As Kurt Schlichter (endlessly) says, we expect leftists like Markle to live by the disgusting rules of society they have forced on us.