I bet you don't mind "Redskins" now, do you?

"Wasted Native Coffee" is the brainchild of Calgary comedian (and possible mayoral candidate) Kevin J. Johnston. As you can guess, the left's reaction is beyond unhinged.

WASTED NATIVE was such a hit with REAL NATIVE INDIANS in Northern Alberta that they all wanted an Indian Face, Name and Joke on the package. I aim to please. This roast will wake up the dead and every wasted native or Canadian you happen to see stumbling down the street.
It's hilarious, a great response to the loss of Chief Wahoo specifically but also to the loss of the Edmonton Eskimos, Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians, Uncle Ben, Aunt Jemima, etc. It's basically a "hey since you woke losers are offended by literally everything, why not go full on?"

Call it the Chicago Way to deal with "offensive racial stereotypes". They take away one mild stereotype, you introduce two extreme stereotypes. You complain that Mitt Romney is a womanizer and a profiteer? Let me introduce you to Mister Trump. The "Tomahawk Chop" is racist, here's a coffee with a drunk Red Indian. Breakfast at Tiffanys has "racial stereotype" warnings, here's a YouTube video with every single scene of Mickey Rourke.

There are of course a couple minor quibbles. I always object to calling their savage child race anything other than the very British "Red Indian", for one.

For two, while "Wasted Native" is sold out, his "Liberal Tears" blend is available for the low low price of...wait, SEVENTY SEVEN BUCKS FOR TWO POUNDS?

The slogan is "Forget Gas, Huff This!" but it should be "at these prices you'll feel like those convenience store owners you always rob."

Seeing as how 3 of the 5 blends you can buy refer to his potential mayoral run, in fairness these are intended to be campaign donations rather than competitively priced consumer products.