@60_glg - isn't it "obvious" that Canada and the U.S. have different demographics?

As we've noted before, the Shiny Pony is an epic failure on the subject of obtaining Wuhan Flu vaccinations. Obviously this wouldn't be a big deal if our Prime Minister was, say, Randy Hillier who never got too worked up by Chairman Xi's ineffective bioweapon. But it's a different subject when Rat Bastard 2.0 is in power: he was playing up the "vaccines will solve everything" narrative from basically Day 1 (even though, without President Donald Trump's "Operation Warp Speed" we'd be still 18 months away from the first shots).

Of course, most leftists are just as stupid as he is, so they feel the need to defend him. Case in point:
This implies a false dichotomy of course: it is possible to have both a relatively low death toll and vaccines. Indeed there are some 50 countries ahead of Canada on the vaccination curve, several of them (Estonia for example) are also doing better in deaths per million.

However, and this is where Wuhan Flu analysis still seems stuck in a mathematical dark ages, the demographic profile of the average COVID death doesn't match the average demographic of any country. If the virus almost overwhelmingly kills people over the age of 70 then countries with a younger population (like say Yemen with its average age of 20.2 years) will have lower COVID deaths (24.25/million) than countries with older populations (ie Saudi Arabia at 31.8years, 192.16 deaths/million). Estonia's average age is 42.4 years, Canada's is 40.9 years: so if the only thing we looked at was mean age we would have to say Estonia did a much better job than Canada (presuming we're looking at deaths/million in March 2021 as our sole metric: I explained last year why that's a bad idea).

Looking only at mean age may still be inaccurate of course: Yemen's civil war for example could have slaughtered a bunch of their 15-50 year olds leaving a huge number of children and a large number of elderly that would show a low average number but still leave a lot of at-risk 80 year olds.

Canada's population, however, isn't the same ethnically as Estonia. And it's hilarious to see the same left that screams about how we need to immunize "racialized communities" because the virus is so deadly to them instantly ignore that races don't have a level Wuhan Flu susceptibility when it comes time to make crude country-to-country comparisons. To wit:

Saying the U.S. has a higher COVID death rate is just another way to say they have too many black people.

I remember this classic old joke from years ago: I presume it's about Red Indians and not East Indians but since both are true it doesn't really matter:
Q. Why does America have so many niggers and Canada has so many Indians?
A. Canada got first pick.
When talking about "COVID-19 deaths" as Captain Oblivious does, just like talking about "gun deaths", if you aren't looking at the demographics then you aren't really doing any rigorous or even half-assed data analysis.
Saying "deaths are a good measure" is therefore bass-ackwards. As I've said many a time, if you're straight white and born after 1965 you don't have much to fear from the Wuhan Flu. So if your country is mostly straight white and born after 1965 you get a bit of a free ride. Italy's average age is 45.7 years while Serbia's is 38.7: Serbia's death rate is only 40% of Italy's, but how much of that was "free"?

How much of Canada's lower death rate is because Red Indians are on remote reserves while America's niggers are all concentrated in big cities? Also when New York State was such a major early source of COVID problems, can you really describe "overall response" on a national level?

Such questions resolve actually thinking about things, though. None of Shiny Pony's fans are capable of such.