@deonandan - So is "why don't you move to America" racist against white people?

Bernie Boulet is right: we don't need more retarded pro-government teachers in this world.

He's also right in that Raywat Deonandan is from Guyana. As in, he has come to Canada in order to tell Canadians, who subsidized his UWO education, that they aren't permitted to live their lives in accordance with the free and open British society they were born into. He's also a far-left extremist as you could also figure by the Huffington Post bylines.

Deonandan, as you might suspect, is also another Viro Fascist. I mean, probably hard to tell since he sounds like the "Service Canada" guy who wants my credit card information in order to release that tax warrant out for my arrest, but if you see him in print it's usually pretty obvious.

If Deonandan doesn't understand a simple concept like "racism", why would you trust him to explain why PCR tests are so reliable that our own government won't accept two of them in a row?